Betrayal: These Ohio Republicans Helped Biden Pass Gun Control!

Gun owners have been pounding on Ohio’s Congressional delegation for several months to oppose the horrific Violence Against Women Act (VAWA,) which was stacked with gun control provisions.

Feeling the heat from gun owners, Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer were afraid that they wouldn’t have the votes they needed from Republicans to pass VAWA — so they went to Plan B.

Instead of trying to pass VAWA on the Senate floor, Schumer stuck the gun control provisions of VAWA into the 1.9 trillion-dollar budget bill which passed!

Then, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer began to look for sell-out Republicans who would cross over party lines and vote for this massive spending bill and the gun control language inside of it.

Only eighteen Republican Senators were willing to stab taxpayers and gun owners in the back by joining Chuck Schumer in voting for H.R. 2471 — and one of those was Rob Portman!

H.R. 2471 initiates a criminal investigation every time a gun owner fails a NICS check — unleashing the police on us — even though close to 90% of these NICS denials are false positives!

In addition to that, this new law federalizes Ohio cops and county attorneys and allows them to take gun charges into federal court. This is all designed to scare gun owners into pleading guilty, out of fear of fighting the federal government.

>>> Rob Portman voted for this garbage!

>>> Congressman Anthony Gonzalez voted for this garbage!

>>> Congressman Dave Joyce voted for this garbage!

>>> Congressman Mike Turner voted for this garbage!

(Please leave a message on their Facebook pages, by clicking on their names above, expressing your outrage over this vote.) 

Of course, the National Rifle Association fully supported this legislation and gave blanket cover to Republicans who crossed over and aided Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer in passing this bill.

Ohio Gun Owners will never be silent on gun control bills, no matter how many Republicans add their name onto the bill. Please stand with us as we fight for freedom!

If you’re not a member of Ohio Gun Owners, get involved today.


The days of trusting politicians to vote the right way on our gun rights simply because of their party affiliation are over! This fight is not about Republican vs. Democrat anymore, it’s about freedom vs. tyranny.

Stand with us!

For Freedom,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Fearing the backlash of gun owners if they passed the Violence Against Women Act with gun control language in it, 57 Republicans in the House and Senate made a deal with Biden to sneak that language into the 1.9 trillion-dollar budget that passed!

And you are going to be enraged when you learn that Ohio’s Republican Congressional delegation helped make that happen!