Bill Seitz – a profile in corruption

This email is about Bill Seitz, one of the most corrupt Representatives in Columbus, and a chief obstacle to passing major pro-gun bills in Ohio. Keep reading to find out how you can counterattack to defeat him.

OGO members and supporters like you have done a massive amount of hard work pushing major pro-gun overhauls.

Last General Assembly it was HB381, the Stand-Your-Ground bill carried for Ohio Gun Owners by Representatives Ron Hood and Candice Keller.

It was the overhaul of Ohio’s pathetic self-defense laws that Ohioans deserved, and it codified threatened use of force, it created pre-trial hearings and codified immunity for self-defense in addition to repealing Ohio’s “duty to retreat” law.

That bill was derailed in the House Republican caucus by two people in particular who outright LIED about what the bill would do: Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) and House Republican Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati).

The General Assembly was forced to at least eliminate the “duty to retreat” law because they knew OGO members would crucify them in the next elections!

But fast forward to 2021.

OGO began a major offensive to pass Constitutional Carry, just like the leaders of many other state-level gun rights organizations did.

While it took off like a rocket in other states (like my home-state of Iowa), it quickly ran into trouble in the Ohio House: a bad committee.

OGO knew we were going to have to strap on our workboots and roll up our sleeves when our bill, HB227, was referred to the House Government Oversight Committee instead of the State and Local Government Committee.

The Government Oversight Committee is a “leadership” committee, and arguably the most anti-gun committee in the entire Ohio General Assembly.

In fact, stacked with every member of the House Leadership team under Speaker Bob Cupp(cake), the House Government Oversight Committee is the same committee that killed Constitutional Carry during the last General Assembly!

And as you also know, HB227 was attacked and severely weakened by this same committee late last week when every Republican on the committee buckled to the Democrats and voted to strip out the default prohibition on church-carry in Ohio and gut the portion that would’ve changed Ohio’s Concealed Handgun License to a Concealed Weapons License so that people could carry rifle and shotguns in their vehicles.

The leader of this effort, the guy who ran the sub-bill in committee, was Representative Bill Seitz, the House Republican Majority Floor Leader.

The same Bill Seitz who lied in the Republican Caucus meeting in July of 2019 to derail Stand-Your-Ground law.

Now, anyone who gets out of bed and pulls their pants on in the morning, who drinks coffee, who adores their family, who loves their country or who worship our Creator might be asking themselves, “why in the HELL would a Republican House Majority Floor Leader sabotage something so easy, so common sense and so supported by the Republican base?”

And that would be an excellent question.

We’ll try to answer that for you here.

The Real Bill Seitz

Obviously, we already said Bill Seitz is a fake-Republican State Representative from House District 30 (Cincinnati), he’s the House Majority Floor Leader, and he sits on the Government Oversight committee.

But as a lawyer (ugh), Seitz first snuck into the legislature through the corrupt appointment process when he was appointed to the Ohio House in the year 2000.

Lest you believe that Ohio’s 8-year “term limits” actually accomplish anything other than booting out the good guys (and gals), Seitz has been in the state legislature since the year 2000, bouncing back and forth between the House and Senate by gaming the system.

We can only imagine the size of the government pension check Seitz is in line to get for his twenty years of “public service,” all paid for by the taxpayers.

To sum up his political career since the year 2000, every two years he gets elected, every eight years he runs for the Ohio Senate, and then after reaching his ‘term limit’ he runs for the House again. And the cycle continues…

This is the guy who ran the sub-bill a week ago to submarine our beautiful Constitutional Carry bill, HB227.

Follow the Money

But Bill Seitz isn’t just a lyin’ career politician who leverages his connections to stay in power in Columbus – so let’s look at his money trail.

Seitz’s campaign donor list is like reading a who’s who list of the very people bankrolling everything that is wrong with Ohio and America.

In fact, eight out of ten of Seitz’ top donors are also bankrolling Mike DeWine’s reelection campaign, donors like Geraldine Warner, Ginni Ragan, Dennis Harper, Carl Linder and others.

These same donors have stacked Seitz with over $100,000 in cash for his reelection campaigns.

But it doesn’t end there with the social club donors.

Seitz got major bucks from the big money behind the nuclear bailout bill scandal from several years ago (HB6).

If you are sitting there thinking to yourself, “gee, it sure sounds like someone is selling the job of legislating to the highest bidder,” you probably aren’t the only one.

It’s unbelievably corrupt.

And there is a very real possibility that Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz’s political funding sources cashed in their chips and demanded that Seitz sabotage the bill before it left committee.


That’s why Bill Seitz needs to hear from you immediately.

It is unacceptable to let a state representative like Seitz continue sabotaging pro-gun bills without political punishment.

That’s why we are urging you to contact Seitz directly, right here:

Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz – (513) 382-8281

Text him, call him, leave him a voicemail.

OGO refuses to play the political pattycake for political favors game that Bill Seitz is playing with people like Rob Sexton from Buckeye Firearms Association, who never spread the word that there was an attempt being made to water down the bill.

(That’s because BFA’s newest “lobbyist,” Rob Sexton, was very likely in on the deal)

So when you get ahold of Seitz, demand that he either stop blocking the same bills that are passing in states all across America, or resign from office.

It is 2021. The time for watering bills down, compromising with the Democrats, and appeasing the fake-news media is over.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Please keep in mind, when you get in contact with Seitz, that he is a lifetime politician and excels at lying, spinning the truth and using half-truths in order to get out from under pressure.

DON’T let him try to spin you into believing what he did was anything other than a gimme for the Democrats.

Ohioans deserve to be able to defend themselves with whatever tool they can afford, and they should be able to do it without career, corrupt politicians making that decision for them, because it could cost them their life.

And that is EXACTLY what Seitz did last week when he ran the bill to remove the CWL and reinstate the default ban on carrying firearms in churches unless you first beg permission.

Remember, when a politician tells you something, ask yourself:

“If I believe them and do what they say, how does it benefit them?”