Breaking Down the Second Amendment Preservation Act

Things are getting very serious in Congress.

As we told you in our last update, Nancy Pelosi has already had her allies file H.R. 127 in the House of Representatives. This is a true ‘doomsday’ bill that would leave our Second Amendment rights unrecognizable.

At the same time, Congressional Democrats know that they are going to have a real challenge obtaining the votes to pass this legislation, given their historically thin majorities. 

That’s why Joe Biden has also announced a slew of executive actions as a way to attack our gun rights, while circumventing the need for Congressional approval.

Any way you look at it, the need for the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB62) here in Ohio is growing by the day!

The good news is that, thanks to a mountain of calls and emails from the members of Ohio Gun Owners, the Second Amendment Preservation Act has finally started to move in the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee, with sponsor and proponent testimony already in the rear-view!

The fact of the matter is that most members of the Ohio General Assembly have never seen a bill of this magnitude pass through the House chamber.

And once we pass the House, of course, the bill needs to clear the Senate.

And I’m not going to sugarcoat this. Given the number of anti-gun moderate Republicans (like Senators Stephanie Kunze and Matt Dolan) that occupy the Senate caucus right now, passing the Senate is going to be a fight.

That’s why I hope that you will read this entire update and then send your pre-written email right away, calling on your State Senator and State Representative to fight for SAPA law! More on that in a moment.

As a reminder, the Second Amendment Preservation Act would nullify federal gun control laws here in Ohio by requiring our state troopers, county sheriff’s deputies, and city police officers to ONLY enforce guns laws that have been passed by the Ohio General Assembly.

This means that should Joe Biden be able to ban private party firearms sales, or ban AR-15’s and hundreds of similar firearms, or require mental health tests for gun owners as a condition of buying a gun — it would all be dead on arrival here in Ohio!

And this isn’t just a pipe dream.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act is based on the idea that the states are not the mere serfs of an all-powerful federal government, and that the federal government can’t simply order the states to enforce federal laws at their whim.

This idea (called the anti-commandeering doctrine) is just common sense. Without it, we may as well dissolve the state legislature in Columbus (and every other state) and just submit ourselves to whatever laws and executive orders Congress or the White House dishes out!

And this concept has been protected by the United State Supreme Court for HUNDREDS of years by liberal and conservative justices alike, who recognize that the states are individual, sovereign entities that have the right to govern themselves

But what’s really exciting about our Second Amendment Preservation Act is the TEETH that we have built into the bill.

You see, other states have tried this before, notably during the early days of the Obama Administration.

But the problem with those bills from a decade ago (before OGO was founded) was that they were just political gestures, because there was no enforcement mechanism included with the legislation.

Our bill is far different.

Should an anti-gun Mayor (think Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, etc.) violate the Second Amendment Preservation Act and order her police department to enforce unconstitutional federal gun control law, you could take them to court for damages!

No more having to hope and pray that an elected Attorney General or local prosecuting attorney will intervene on your behalf. If your rights are violated you could take action on your own, immediately!

And besides protecting your gun rights, our SAPA legislation also protects the countless peace officers across Ohio who want NO PART of having to enforce Biden’s federal gun control agenda.

But none of this will happen if the Ohio General Assembly sits on this bill and slowly runs out the clock.

That’s why I hope you’ll send your email right away, but when you do, I hope that you’ll consider a generous donation to help us crank up the heat in Columbus!

Just some of what we hope to roll out over the coming days includes:

>>> A statewide radio program; highlighting the importance of the Second Amendment Preservation Act and urging gun owners to FLOOD the legislature with phone calls in support of it.

Radio ads at this magnitude are guaranteed to generate a mountain of phone calls, and send a message to the politicians in Columbus that gun owners want this done!

>>> A digital and internet ad blitz; which allow grassroots gun owners to share our ad campaigns on their own platforms, giving us extra bang for our buck.

Ohio Gun Owners’ ads are some of the hardest hitting ads in Ohio, something that we demonstrate every two years at election time.

>>> A massively scaled up email and direct mail program; nothing penetrates Big Tech’s censorship more thoroughly than our direct mail and email programs. In fact, our mail and email programs are more important than ever these days!

Our goal is to use mail and email to active and mobilize gun owners who may not hear our radio ads or see our digital ads, to make sure they can put pressure on Columbus, too.

Every single part of this program is designed to do one thing: flood the Ohio General Assembly with grassroots pressure demanding passage on the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

But we’re not going to be to be able to implement this full program without your assistance.

That’s why I hope that when you send your email, you’ll also include a very generous donation of $100 so that we can FIGHT FOR YOU!

I know it’s a lot.

But every single one of our gun rights are on the line. And if Joe Biden is successful at passing his gun control agenda, the Second Amendment Preservation Act will be the only thing standing between our gun rights and tyranny! 

We are in a position to make tremendous progress in safeguarding our freedoms here in Ohio. If we can crank up the heat, what you and I do in the days ahead can secure the Second Amendment for the next generation!

So if $100 isn’t an option for you at this time, I hope that you will consider $50 or at least $25 today!

SAPA law is how we hold the line! So please immediately send your email to your legislators along with your generous donation so Ohio Gun Owners can FIGHT FOR YOU!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB62) is finally on the move in the Ohio General Assembly!

The Second Amendment Preservation Act would order Ohio’s peace officers to only enforce Ohio laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories!

SAPA law is THE WAY that we can nullify Joe Biden’s war on gun owners, but only if the legislature passes the bill.

So please send your pre-written email, telling your legislators to pass HB62along with a generous donation of $100, $50, or $25 so that we can CRANK UP THE HEAT.