BREAKING: Radicals Want to Repeal Our Stand-Your-Ground Law!

The Ohio General Assembly finally voted to repeal Ohio’s terrible “duty to retreat” law only a few weeks ago, but ALREADY the radicalized Democrats in Columbus are planning to repeal it!

The bill to repeal it was just announced by notorious gun-grabber Representative Adam Miller, and they’re wasting no time in going about it.

In fact, SB175 by Senator Tim Schaffer hasn’t even gone into effect yet, and won’t until April 4th!

But Representative Adam Miller and Bloomberg’s militants in Columbus are immediately commencing an attack on the new law by trying to reinstate Ohio’s duty to retreat law, and we need to SHUT THEM DOWN HARD!

The good news is, OGO members and supporters have defeated efforts to undermine our firearms freedoms before, bills like Senator Matt Dolan’s SB221 and HB354 by Reps Swearingen and Plummer.

But with Joe Biden in the White House and radical socialists controlling both chambers of Congress, Ohio Democrats are more bold than ever to take swipes at our gun rights!

Even worse, certain Ohio Republicans have been all-too-willing to support this crazy agenda in the past, so bi-partisan threats to our gun rights are real!

But before I tell you how Ohio Gun Owners is fighting back against this legislation, I wanted to make sure you knew about some of the exciting staff changes that have taken place here at OGO over the last few weeks.

The fact is, with Democrats seizing power in Washington, D.C. and with weak Republican leadership in the Ohio General Assembly, Ohio Gun Owners has more than enough work to do in our mission to maintain and defend our freedoms in Ohio.

That’s why we have brought on a full time Political Director, Rob Knisley, to assist in all areas here at OGO.

And we didn’t hire the first person to walk through the door, either.

Rob Knisley comes to us after having served gun owners before as the official staff aide for OGO bill sponsor and pro-gun champion former Representative Ron Hood! 

The Second Amendment is the right that guarantees all the rest, and it is a freedom that is worth defending.

With Rob Knisley joining the OGO team, gun owners in Ohio will be able to be better represented at the Statehouse as our rights and freedoms come under more constant attack!

And our new team knows what you and I know: that if the politicians in Ohio can repeal our Stand-Your-Ground law, they’ll do the same thing to concealed carry and other pro-gun laws as well!   

That is why I hope that you will immediately sign the emergency petition that we have prepared for you, telling the politicians in Columbus to keep their hands off our Stand-Your-Ground law!


Adam Miller and the rest of Bloomberg’s militants in Columbus know that the longer they wait to try, the harder it will be to repeal, so we need to let our politicians know we want to keep Ohio’s Stand-Your-Ground Law NOW!

We simply cannot let Michael Bloomberg and the radical left repeal this law. So please sign your petition in support of Stand-Your-Ground law now!


Stand-Your-Ground law is so popular that a whopping 37 states have it on the books today, including Democrat controlled states like California, Illinois, and Virginia.

And as you might imagine, states that have enacted Stand-Your-Ground law have seen their violent crime rates plummet — as criminals know that their intended targets can fight back with lethal force, having the protection of state law!

But none of that matters to the raging leftists in Columbus.

They despise gun owners like you and me and they would love nothing more than to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law and let Soros-funded district attorneys throw us in prison for defending ourselves — while turning a blind eye to Antifa thugs.

And to be honest, given the rampant betrayal that gun owners have received at the hands of the moderate Republicans in Columbus, it would be a mistake to assume that they will shoot this legislation down on their own volition.

That’s why Ohio Gun Owners is doing everything we can to pour pressure onto the Statehouse, reminding them that if they touch Ohio’s Stand-Your-Ground law, they are going to pay a hefty price at election time!

We are doing this by mobilizing as many gun owners as we possibly can across the state via email, our website and (while we still have it) our Facebook platform.

These programs work, because it reminds the politicians in Ohio that while the media, their caucus, and Bloomberg’s out-of-state lobbyists may support gun control, Ohioans don’t.

But for this program to work, it must be massive!

That’s why, in addition to your signed petition, I must ask for your continued financial support, as well.

As an OGO member, I know where you stand. But we must mobilize thousands upon thousands of gun owners to oppose this legislation and save Stand-Your-Ground law.

And that’s why I hope you’ll make an emergency donation of $100 today!

I’m asking a lot. But the stakes are higher than they have ever been before, too, so please be generous.

If $100 is not possible, I hope that you will consider $50, $35 or at least $20.

Our children and grandchildren are looking to us to stand fast and hold the line for their freedom, just like our grandfathers did for us!

So please sign your petition against this legislation right away — and make a donation if you can!  

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. In the wake of Joe Biden being sworn in as President and gun-grabbers taking control of Congress, crazy socialists (and some Republicans) under the direction of Michael Bloomberg are determined to overturn our Stand-Your-Ground law!

If they get their way, you would be thrown in jail for decades for defending yourself against violent criminals unless you retreated an arbitrary number of steps first!

Sign your petition telling the politicians in Ohio to keep their hands off our Stand-Your-Ground law!


And please make an emergency contribution of $100, $50, $35 or $20 so OGO has the ammo we need to mobilize as many gun owners as possible into saving Stand-Your-Ground law!