Let’s get to work.

The past seven days have been a political rollercoaster in Ohio, and America.

Between the Speakership battles in Ohio and Congress, it’s been nuts!

The 2023 session of the 135th Ohio General Assembly started a week ago today, and boy was it crazy.

Prior to last Tuesday, State Representative Derek Merrin was the Speaker-elect, having won a unanimous vote of the entire Republican caucus back in November.

In a shocking twist, Republican Jason Stephens negotiated a deal between 22 Republicans and all 32 Democrats and “altered the deal” the Republican caucus agreed to last November and wrested the House Speaker’s gavel away from Derek Merrin!

Thankfully for gun owners, Stephens went on record early in 2022 and pledged to SPONSOR the Second Amendment Preservation Act and lead the charge to fix Constitutional Carry and Stand-your-Ground laws!

Of course, you know just as well as I do that passing major pro-gun bills in Columbus is an uphill battle.

But if there’s one thing OGO’s grassroots army has proven, Christy, it is that there’s no obstacle we cannot overcome when our freedoms are at stake!

“Been there, done that, still got the shovel.”

Remember that time OGO’s army knocked it out of the park pummeling the General Assembly and Mike DeWine into signing Stand-your-Ground law and Permit-less carry? ? We do too. It was fun!

Anyway, now that the politicians are settled into their offices, it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work hammering the General Assembly for SAPA and enhancements to our very lacking self-defense laws!

We need to generate as much pressure for SAPA in Columbus as possible if we want to protect our gun rights from Joe Biden and the rest of the Radical Left in Washington.

So please take a moment to sign the official Ohio Gun Owners petition demanding that your legislators support the Second Amendment Preservation Act!


And remember this isn’t new, Missouri passed this law in 2021 and it has withstood several cases in Federal Court!

We can get the job done if we take consistent action for our freedoms.

Sign the official SAPA petition today, and share the link with someone you know.

We need every freedom-loving Ohioan involved in this fight!


— Rob