What, Where, When, How & Why? #Issue1

We wanted to take a few minutes here to break down the details for you for voting on or before August 8th to try to make it as easy as possible for you.


Sunday is the last day that you can vote early for the Special Election on Issue 1 before election day, Tuesday, August 8th.

If you’ve been reading OGO’s emails lately, you know that voting YES on Issue 1 safeguards our constitutional gun rights and prevents the billionaire elites like Michael Bloomberg from coming into Ohio and putting an amendment on the ballot to strip our right to keep and bear arms right from the Ohio Constitution.

But here’s the deal: Supporting Issue One and voting for Issue One are two separate things.

We all know that sometimes life gets in the way. You might have to work overtime. Kids get sick. Family member needs help. The car breaks down – you get the idea.

That’s why it is critical that, if there is a chance you cannot vote in person on August 8th, that you bank your vote for Issue 1 as soon as you can at your county Board of Elections.

Where, When, and How?

Here are the early voting hours for this weekend statewide:

> Until 7:30PM this evening,
> 8:00AM to 4:00PM on Saturday
> 1:00PM to 5:00PM on Sunday.

NOTE: There will be NO early voting available on Monday.

If you don’t know where your County Board of Elections is located, click HERE.

Remember to vote YES on Issue 1, and take your friends and family with you to the polls!


I wouldn’t be saying all of this if this vote wasn’t one of the most important, pro-gun votes that you could possibly make.

The Left knows that amending our State Constitution is the easiest way for them to sugarcoat and push their communist agenda on all of us.

They have failed to flip our Ohio Supreme Court, they have failed to elect an anti-gun majority to the Ohio General Assembly, and they have failed to win statewide elected office. 

They know that if they lose this battle over Issue 1 that they will not be able to convince enough Ohioans to support their Marxist agenda, and that is why they are spending tens of MILLIONS right now to convince our fellow Ohioans to let them keep this loophole open and defeat Issue 1.

And we know what their plans are for our gun rights if we lose.

Don’t forget what Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb said, that they (the Left) are going to exercise their ‘political power’ to put a measure on the ballot to put ‘common-sense gun reforms’ into our Constitution.

They ARE coming for our guns. Let’s shut them down by voting YES on Issue 1!

– Rob

P.S. To learn more about Issue 1, and why voting YES is the pro-gun vote, please click here.

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