Committee scheduled – then CANCELED!

Here’s the latest on the saga “How Ohio House Republicans Can Dawdle, Whine and Do Whatever They Can to NOT Pass Constitutional Carry…”

Late Friday evening we received a notice from the House Government Oversight Committee announcing another hearing on SB215 for this Wednesday at 10:00AM, even slating it for a possible vote.

So that was good news.

But late on Sunday evening, we got another update from the committee announcing that they were canceling the committee and instead moving the date of the hearing to Tuesday, March 1st.

There was one glaring problem… the notice listed a possible amendment to SB215.

And that’s bad news!

Chris and I explain all about this and more in our video from earlier:

You see, allowing ANY amendment to be added to SB215 reduces our chances of getting Constitutional Carry sent to DeWine’s desk before the May 3rd Republican primary.

The reason why is if House Republicans amend SB215 to include anything else, the bill will get punted back over to the Ohio Senate for another round of Committee action and debate!

These politicians have been dragging their feet on this long enough, and we do not want them thinking they have the right to pump the brakes – they work for US.

That’s why I’m asking you to watch our video above and then take action by sending an email to the entire House Government Oversight Committee.


If you want to edit the message before you send it, you can do that! Our email platform is fully customizable.

The message is simple: pass the bill as is, with ZERO amendments!

Please take action today, and we will be back with more later.

For Freedom,


~~ Rob