Constitutional Carry Makes Successful First Move!

It may only have been introduced on Wednesday of last week, but Constitutional Carry just took a huge step forward!You already knew that Constitutional Carry has 24 sponsors.

And you already knew that we were waiting to find out which committee it would be assigned to.

Now, just yesterday, H.B. 201 was assigned to the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee!

But here’s the good news:

NINE of the thirteen Federalism and Interstate Relations committee members are already signed on as co-sponsors of the bill!

I’d bet you $10 bucks a cold shiver is working its way down the spines of Bloomberg’s paid anti-gun stooges over at Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence right this moment!

Because already, mobilized gun owners across Ohio are setting the stage – proving they are serious about passing MAJOR pro-gun reforms!

Your calls and emails to your representatives urging them to co-sponsor Rep. Ron Hood’s Constitutional Carry bill accomplished exactly the job we had counted on.

But now there isn’t one moment to waste.

When Bloomberg’s militants get wind of how serious the gun-rights community is about passing H.B. 201, they’ll kick into overdrive to block it.

That’s why you need to call Chairwoman Kristina Roegner and Vice-chairman Scott Lipps right away and urge them to schedule hearings as quickly as possible!

You can reach them at:

➤➤ Chairwoman Kristina Roegner
Phone: (614) 466-1177
Email: [email protected]

➤➤ Vice Chairman Scott Lipps
Phone: (614) 644-6023
Email: [email protected]

Once you have done this, please also consider contributing to Ohio Gun Owners as we work to mobilize gun owners across our state to join the fight via email, social media and direct mail.

Your donation, be that from $250 to $500 as some have done, or $10 to $25 (or any amount you can afford) as others have done will be put to immediate use right away in this fight!

Thank you for joining with us in this fight to make Ohio the next Constitutional Carry state!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. After being introduced only late last week, Constitutional Carry (H.B. 201) has been referred to the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee!

This is great news because, thanks to your calls and emails, nine of the 13 committee members are already co-sponsors on the bill!

As soon as Bloomberg’s forces get wind of this, they’ll snap into overdrive and work hard to kill H.B. 201 without even a vote!

So please take action and contact Chairwoman Kristina Roegner and Vice Chairman Scott Lipps and urge them to advance H.B. 201 through their committee right away!

Their contact information is listed above.

And when you’re done, please also consider contributing to Ohio Gun Owners as we work to mobilize gun owners and make Ohio the next Constitutional Carry state!

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