Constitutional Carry Vote CONFIRMED…. with amendments?!

This is it.

The House Government Oversight Committee has confirmed that they will be bringing up SB215 tomorrow at 10:00AM for a FOURTH hearing, with the bill up for a possible vote!

But that’s not all.

Late on Sunday, the committee sent out two amendments that they plan on considering during the hearing.

This flies in the face of all the action you have taken demanding that the committee bring up SB215 and vote it out AS IS.

Because if they amend SB215 with ANYTHING, it will trigger another vote in the Senate, potentially delaying Constitutional Carry from being signed into law beyond the May 3rd primary.

And if amendment(s) get added, there’s a chance the Senate might not like them and vote the bill down!

That would lead to what’s called a ‘conference committee’ between the House and Senate over the bill. And that committee doesn’t normally meet until the end of the year.

We can’t afford to wait that long!

So please send your emails to the Government Oversight Committee members using our updated action link demanding that the committee vote out SB215 with ZERO amendments!


Here’s what the amendments do:

>>> Expands the definition of ‘dangerous ordnance’ to further restrict what firearms can be legally owned and carried for self-defense.

>>> Puts language back into the that would allow law enforcement to detail you and possibly SEIZE your gun and take possession of it for the merely processing one – without you having committed a crime or being suspected of committing one!

In other words, you could be detained, searched and have your guns stripped away from you by bad cops for merely carrying your firearm if this amendment passes and becomes part of SB215.

That’s wrong!

And besides, police in Ohio already have the authority to detain you if they have reasonable suspicion to believe that you committed a crime – that’s standard practice.

Even the FOP lobbyist admitted as much during the last committee hearing!

Please take action right now and send a fresh set of emails to the committee members demanding they vote out SB215 as is!


This is crunch time.

What happens this week could determine the future of gun rights here in Ohio for years to come, so I’m asking you to be focused and engaged.

The truth is you have done amazing work getting us to where we are now. But our work is not done yet.

We’ve got to put the pressure on this committee like never before!

Once you have sent your emails, share our action link with others you know – we need every patriot involved in this fight right now!

And would you consider making a generous contribution to help us get more freedom-loving Ohioans taking action and involved in this fight?

OGO is working around the clock, and it’s go-time.

So if you can afford to give $50, $25, or even $10, we will be able maximize our pressure campaign on this committee!

But most importantly, take action NOW!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The House Government Oversight Committee is meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 to amend SB215 and then pass it on to the full House for consideration.

We can’t afford to let ANY amendments get by because it will force an up or down vote in the Senate – further delaying Constitutional Carry from getting onto DeWine’s desk!

Not only that, but it also gives the Senate the opportunity to vote down the amendments, sending the bill to a conference committee between the chambers – taking up even more time!

So please take action right away by using our updated email action link and send the committee members a pre-written email demanding that they pass SB215 with ZERO amendments!


And when you’re finished, please make a generous contribution to Ohio Gun Owners so we can maximize our pressure campaign over the next 24 hours!