OGO Interviews Rep Swearingen on Issue One

Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and all the gun-control organizations in Ohio are opposing Issue One because they want to repeal Article One, section 4 of the Ohio Constitution.

That’s the part that guarantees our Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Ohio, and it is what all of Ohio’s pro-gun laws depend on to keep from being overturned by an anti-gun judge.

Ohio Gun Owners fully supports Issue One because raising the threshold to change the Ohio Constitution from a simple majority to a super majority of 60% makes good sense, especially considering how many people vote for losers like Biden willingly.

And Constitutions SHOULD be hard to change.

That’s why I recently interviewed State Representative D.J. Swearingen (R-Huron) about this important issue

Representative Swearingen’s assessment that outside money will flow into Ohio to try to subvert the Ohio Constitution is spot on if we do not pass Issue One, and I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the video!

(NOTE: OGO is interviewing several legislators over the coming days, so please be checking your email often for more videos in this series)

This election is in less than two weeks from now, so if there is any chance at all that you will not be able to vote on election day (Aug 8th), please vote EARLY!