JD Vance: Big Tech Sleeper Cell, or Converted Silicon Valley Insider?

Ohio Gun Owners takes very seriously our responsibility to make sure gun owners know as much information as possible about how their candidates will act if they get elected to public office.

That’s why we are writing to you about US Senate Candidate J.D. Vance.

To be blunt, there are astonishing, entangling alliances between J.D. Vance and a host of globalist organizations, people and entities like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Eric Schmidt and others that Americans who love freedom will find very alarming.

This is an Ohio Gun Owners RED ALERT.

We hope you will read this post in its entirety and share this with everyone you know before the May 3rd Republican Primary Election.

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Everything you and I love about our country is being attacked and, in many cases, defeated.

From taking God out of schools and indoctrinating our kids, to big tech censoring and manipulating the population, to the Radical Left grooming our kids, to shutdowns and mandates, to the destruction of our economy, to the destruction of the family and to the sustained and constant attempts to destroy the right to own firearms, the Left’s culture war to end America is raging.

That means we must FIGHT LIKE HELL if you and I are going to be able to save it.

And the choices we make in the May 3rd Republican primary play a pivotal role in whether or not we are going to be able to win.

The Survey

OGO has issued our 2022 Ohio Gun Owners Candidate Questionnaire to every candidate running to replace Rob Portman in the US Senate.

We have asked each candidate a series of questions on the issues they will likely face if they get elected because their answers give an indication of how they will vote, especially if they have no record that we can objectively investigate.

Up to the moment of this writing, we have received 100% pro-gun surveys from Josh Mandel, Mike Gibbons, Mark Pukita and J.D. Vance.

The Survey’s Weakness

As a non-profit issue advocacy organization, Ohio Gun Owners does not endorse candidates.

We highlight differences between candidates, of course, and we viciously expose the records of anti-gun legislators or candidates whenever and wherever we are able so that gun owners can better decide who they want to represent them in office.

But as Ohio Gun Owners grows larger in size, scope and political power, there is one distinct weakness that we have identified in our survey program:

There is the definite potential for a candidate to deliberately fill out the survey without ever intending to keep their promise. And the reason why is simply because they are making the calculated decision to do whatever is necessary to get elected, knowing it is far harder for an incumbent to be unseated.

That’s why Ohio Gun Owners investigates candidates who are running with no voting record, because we want to see if their past reconciles with what they promise to be in the future.

It is not unfair to say that politicians in the past have said things that they don’t mean just to get elected.

That’s why we investigated J.D. Vance at a deeper level, even though he scored 100% pro-gun on his OGO candidate survey.

Vance: Deep Dive

Someone once said, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

J.D. Vance’s friends, who he has alliances with, who is funding his campaign and what we uncovered during our investigation is alarming on a scale unlike anything we’ve ever seen in electoral politics.

Quite frankly, the alliances Vance has formed, the business partners Vance has and even some of the businesses Vance has created or invested in are major red flags for anyone who loves America or who may be angry at the levels of freedom that are being stripped away by lawless politicians and their partners in Big Tech.

West Coast

After graduating from Yale Law School in roughly 2012 or 2013, Vance moved to San Francisco, California to work in the Silicon Valley tech industry. 

Vance landed at a venture capital company called Mithril Capital, a company owned by a man named Peter Thiel (pronounced Teel).

Peter Thiel

Get used to the name Peter Thiel – it is a recurring theme throughout this investigation.

Thiel’s proximity to and involvement with J.D. Vance was the initial reason we red-flagged and prioritized this investigation here at Ohio Gun Owners.

So who is Thiel, other than the guy Vance worked/works with in California? And why does he matter?

Well, for starters, Thiel is the #1 financier of JD Vance’s effort to claim one of Ohio’s two US Senate slots.

Peter Thiel is a billionaire Silicon Valley tech investor and executive, deeply in bed with Big Tech.

➜ Thiel co-founded PayPal (which is a full-blown enemy of gun owners).

➜ Thiel sits on the board of Facebook and was Facebook’s first outside investor.

➜ Thiel is the chairman of Palantir, a Department of Defense contractor that specializes in big data analytics. Palantir designed the software behind the enforcement of the unconstitutional Patriot Act, which was neither American nor patriotic.

➜ Thiel is a partner at the Founders Fund, a Silicon Valley venture capital investment firm that invests in technology and artificial intelligence and is composed of partners that founded, were employed by or invested early in companies like PayPal, Google and other Big Tech companies.

➜ Thiel is an investor in a company called Athena Security, which markets an artificial intelligence video surveillance system that scans people in populated areas for the presence of firearms, alerting government “authorities” in the process.

It goes without saying that Facebook has been an eager participant in the censorship of free speech for the last several years, censoring any voice that dares to counter the narratives spewed by the Biden administration or the Fake News Media.

And nearly every conservative in America has been banned or “Zucked” because Facebook’s Misinformation Police decide they don’t like your patriotism.

BlackRock Connections

Peter Thiel, who is a man, is “married” to another man named Matt Danzeisen.

Currently, Danzeisen is a portfolio manager at his “husband’s” company, Theil Capital Management.

But guess who Theil’s “husband” worked for before he came to Theil Capital?

BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock is the world’s largest company and manages over $9.5 trillion dollars, which amounts to more than the GDP of every single country in the world (except the US and China) combined.

BlackRock arguably influences every single portion of your life. Every sing le portion.

Have you or someone you know found it hard to buy a house in the last couple of years?

As Fox News points out, BlackRock is “pushing working families out of the housing market and into rentals” by buying up massive quantities of single-family houses all over America and converting them to rentals.

Perhaps you are sitting there thinking to yourself, “they’re an investment company, of course they are doing that?” And that would be a fair question.

But often times, BlackRock is buying these homes with offers that are 30, 40 and even 50% higher than market value. By pushing the average American out of the housing market they are denying Americans the basic tools for building wealth themselves.

Oh, and BlackRock invest billions and billions in Chinese assets.

But Thiel’s connections don’t end with his “husband’s” former employment at BlackRock, either.

Thiel is an investor in a company called Blackrock Neurotech, which is developing brain-computer interface (BCI) technology.

Sounds cool, right? Wrong. The Journal of Future Studies in 2021 labeled BCI an “existential risk” for global totalitarianism in the near future.

Another of Thiel’s startups is a company called Clearview AI, an artificial intelligence company that scours the web and creates facial recognition profiles on citizens like you and me.

This company developed an app called “Clearview,” which pairs their facial recognition profile app with live-view glasses that allow users to identify everyone they see, including their name, where they’re from, where they live and huge amounts of additional data.

If you think this might be a problem in the future, you would be wrong – it is a problem now. Over 600 law-enforcement agencies are already using it on a daily basis, with virtually no oversight.

Peter Thiel is as Silicon Valley Big Tech as one can possibly imagine.

But it doesn’t end there.

Thiel’s Culture War

Ohio Gun Owners very firmly believes in maintaining our proud, American, traditional and Christian family culture.

It is exactly and precisely what made America the greatest nation in human history.

America is an idea, and when you wipe away those ideas and the history built on those ideas, you erase what it means to be an American.

Thiel, however, believes that the culture war that is raging in America right now is “just a distraction,” and announced in a speech to the RNC that he was “proud to be gay.”

In other words, in Thiel’s opinion, the culture war that the Marxist Left is waging on us, our kids and our grandkids just “doesn’t matter.”

We could not disagree more, because if we lose our culture as a nation, we are toast as a society.

JD Vance

Peter Thiel and JD Vance are very close.

As we stated earlier, Theil is funding JD Vance’s effort to claim Ohio’s open US Senate position.

He has donated personally to Vance’s campaign committee and has flooded Vance’s SuperPAC with over thirteen million dollars so far, hoping to force his way into the US Senate.


Well, the question we’d ask ourselves is this: “why does any billionaire buy politicians?”

Access, power, and most importantly, control seem to play major factors.

Loyal to Big Tech

In 2017, Vance joined an investment firm with AOL’s co-founder Steve Case called, “Rise of the Rest.”

In order to get the firm off the ground, JD Vance partnered with raging Leftist billionaires like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

But JD Vance’s connections to Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Big Tech do not end there.

In 2019, Vance co-founded a venture capital firm called Narya Capital with Peter Thiel, and this time sought the backing of globalist powerbroker Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt is NOT a very grassroots, freedom-loving blue-collar guy. 

Another Big Tech billionaire, Schmidt is near the very top of the who’s who list of globalist, far-Left activists.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt is the former CEO of Google.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt is a former member of the board for Apple.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt is a former board of trustee member at ultra-woke Carnegie and Princeton universities.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt is the former chairman of far-left public policy thinktank “New America,” whose CEO is a woman named Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Slaughter, a personal friend of Hillary Clinton, worked for the Clinton State Department in the Obama administration and today, New America focuses on publishing studies on “Equity and Racial Justice” and Covid 19 mandates.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt was a supporter, advisor and major donor to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and was a member of Obama’s transition advisory board.

Schmidt remained close to the Obama presidency as personal friends and became a member of Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology while simultaneously serving on Google’s government relations team.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt served as chairman of the Obama Department of Defense’s Innovation Advisory Board.

But here’s a bad one.

➜ JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt is an investor in a particularly nasty company called “The Groundwork,” created and run by a man named Michael Slaby.

Slaby was the chief technology officer of Obama’s 2008 campaign, the chief integration officer for Obama’s 2012 campaign and his company worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

In 2021, Slaby wrote a book in which he promoted the censorship of speech on Big Tech platforms based on the argument that the 1st Amendment applied to government, not Big Tech companies that are in bed with government.

Simply put, JD Vance’s business partner Eric Schmidt is a raging leftist who hates America, the right to privacy and free speech.

But for some reason, this is the guy J.D. Vance goes to for funding his venture capital firm.

Virtually every red-blooded American in the country knows that Google and these Big Tech companies have been the enabling partners of tyrannical government for the last several years.

They have helped clamp down and trample the rights of the individual at a level that makes what King George III did to our Founding Fathers look like a Sunday school picnic.

Google, Big Tech and Eric Schmidt are no friend of the Second Amendment, our Constitution or preserving the American principles of freedom.

Instead, they are constantly silencing our voices, demonetizing patriots and gun pages on Youtube, and throttling search results that favor conservative points of view.

They have become screaming, outspoken principals in the woke Left’s war on the American culture.

We wish we could tell you that J.D. Vance’s awful alliances ended with Eric Schmidt, but they sure as hell do not.

Breyer, Chao and China

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “how in the world can JD Vance pretend to be the guy who is going to take on Big Tech when the majority of his professional career, friends and alliances are exclusively rooted in Silicon Valley?” Any rational person WOULD be asking themselves that question.

And how in the world is someone this committed and in bed with Big Tech able to get so close to President Trump, who himself (like all of us) has been the target of Big Tech’s censorship?

That would be another fair question.

Remember that “Rise of the Rest” venture capital fund that JD Vance co-founded with AOL’s Steve Case, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Eric Schmidt and Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz?

Another questionable and key member of Rise of the Rest and someone that Vance has been working very closely with is a man named Jim Breyer.

Jim Breyer, JD Vance’s business partner, is married to a woman named Angela Chao, the sister of Elaine Chao.

Elaine Chao was the US Transportation Secretary during the Trump administration and the US Secretary of Labor during all eight years of the George W. Bush administration.

Elaine Chao is the wife of United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In other words, JD Vance’s business partner is the brother-in-law of US Senator Mitch McConnell.

Both Angela Chao and Elaine Chao (Mitch McConnell’s wife) are the daughters of Chinese-American businessman James Si-Cheng Chao, who is the founder of a global shipping, trading and finance company called the Foremost Group.  

The Foremost Group and the Chao family has connections to the Chinese state that “go back decades,” and the vast majority of its cargo ships are built in state-owned shipyards in China, “some financed by Chinese government loans.”

For decades, the Foremost Group has made its fortune by shipping cargo between America and Communist China, and even finance their shipbuilding using Communist China’s Export-Import Bank.

Jim Breyer’s wife Angela, the sister of Elain Chao who is Mitch McConnell’s wife, is the CEO of the Foremost Group.

If it seems questionable that Mitch McConnell is married to a woman with deep and personal ties to a company that is doing global business deals with the very biggest enemy America faces, and that Mitch’s brother-in-law is in business with JD Vance and that together these global companies that do business with Communist China are also financially in bed with Big Tech companies, you are probably not the only person asking yourself that question.

But again, it doesn’t end there.


JD Vance’s business partner, Jim Breyer, also has massive financial ties to China.

As a managing partner of venture capital firm Accel Partners, he created a joint venture between Accel Partners and China-based IDG Capital Partners, a Chinese venture firm invested in companies like Tencent – one of the largest China-based multinational technology conglomerates in the world.

We could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on…


As horrifyingly close to global, Big Tech, Silicon Valley as JD Vance and his business alliances are, we haven’t even gotten into the bulk of J.D. Vance’s campaign contributor list yet.

A very casual perusal of his contributor list includes:

  • Hollywood Actresses
  • Federal lobbyists (including a lobbyist for Alibaba, the Chinese-owned e-commerce store)
  • Big Banks or employees of big banks and woke corporations like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo, some of which are actively pushing for public ESG scoring (Environmental, Social and Governance scoring) for society
  • Woke college professors from places like Harvard and Northwestern
  • Many healthcare companies like vaccine manufacturer Johnson and Johnson and BioIQ, which has a platform to track and trace people based on their vaccination status.
  • Blake Masters from Thiel Capital
  • Large healthcare systems like Ohio Health, TriHealth and University Hospitals Cleveland, which are some of the same systems advocating for the indoctrination of our kids and irreversible transgender surgeries.
  • Employees from corrupt government agencies like the DOJ, USDA and Treasury Department.
  • And MANY others

Jeffrey Epstein!?

But it gets even more strange, or perhaps even more worse.

JD Vance served on the board of a national campaign PAC called “With Honor,” which purportedly supports members of the military who run for office.

Sounds great, right?

But one of the people who funds this PAC is a guy named Les Wexner.

As many Ohioans know, Les Wexner is the Columbus, OH area retail giant CEO and billionaire owner of L-Brands (now named Bath & Body Works, Inc), which owns retail brands like Victoria Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch and others.

Les Wexner is known internationally for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous pedophile who pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2008 for child prostitution and who “committed suicide” in 2019 after being brought up on federal sex-trafficking charges.

In fact, it was Les Wexner who provided the platform for Jeffrey Epstein to become extremely wealthy and powerful amongst Ohio politicians and political circles from his downtown Columbus, Ohio office.

Les Wexner, who funded the organization JD Vance was a board member of, referred to Epstein as “a most loyal friend” with “excellent judgment and unusually high standards,” and remained friends with him up until Epstein’s death.

But billionaires like Wexner push money around to all kinds of candidates, organizations and political entities, so why should Wexner’s funding of the PAC that JD Vance sat on raise any eyebrows?

The timing.

Wexner pushed over $295,000 to the PAC less than one month after JD Vance headlined an event for the Columbus Academy in what’s called “the Party Barn at the Wexner Residence.”

So what?

Like we said at the beginning of this article, JD Vance answered his campaign survey 100% and we have no proof he will vote otherwise.

Rational people still have questions, however.

Which JD Vance is to be believed?

The one running for office and claiming he’s the guy who is going to take on the Washington Swamp?

Or the one who has massive, personal ties to global Big Tech?

And is JD Vance just a Big Tech sleeper-cell?

JD Vance once wrote an op-ed for The Atlantic in which he revealed his view of the average Trump voter:

“Many years ago, our neighbor (and my grandma’s old friend) in Middletown moved out and rented his house on a Section 8 voucher—a federal program that offers housing subsidies to low-income people. One of the first folks to move in called her landlord to report a leaky roof. By the time the landlord arrived, he discovered the woman naked on her couch. After calling him, she had started the water for a bath, gotten high, and passed out. Forget about the original leak, now much of the upstairs—including her and her children’s possessions—was completely destroyed. Not every Trump voter lives like this woman, but nearly every Trump voter knows someone who does.”

His West Coast, elitist characterization of Trump voters as heroin addicts or one-step-away from heroin addicts was a slap on the face of real Americans.

And he’s never apologized for it.

So do you believe JD Vance’s posts from the last two years, or do you believe the social media posts from JD Vance before he announced his run for office?

In the same op-ed, Vance likened 2016 Trump voters to drug addicts and the movement that elected him to “cultural heroin:”

“What Trump offers is an easy escape from the pain. To every complex problem, he promises a simple solution. He can bring jobs back simply by punishing offshoring companies into submission. As he told a New Hampshire crowd—folks all too familiar with the opioid scourge—he can cure the addiction epidemic by building a Mexican wall and keeping the cartels out. He will spare the United States from humiliation and military defeat with indiscriminate bombing. It doesn’t matter that no credible military leader has endorsed his plan. He never offers details for how these plans will work, because he can’t. Trump’s promises are the needle in America’s collective vein.”

So do you believe the JD Vance on his campaign ads? Or do you believe the JD Vance that was writing op-eds from his Silicon Valley high-rise, blasting 2016 Trump supporters as drug addicts?

Do you believe the guy who says he’ll take on Big Tech, or do you believe the guy who, before he was running for office, is in bed with Big Tech and personal friends with some of the world’s nastiest, global, activist billionaires?

As the saying goes, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

By any reasonable standard the average person can see that there are problems with how JD Vance picks his friends.

Who J.D. Vance surrounds himself with, who he fraternizes with, and gets paid from tells anyone curious a lot about how he might behave as a politician.

So, can his 100% pro-gun survey be believed?

That isn’t for us to say and that’s for you to decide.

To our knowledge Vance has never apologized for his alliances with Big Tech.

We haven’t found a video where he confesses how he is invested so heavily in Big Tech but explains how that would be a benefit in Washington DC when we’ve seen how very damaging it has been.

If actions speak louder than words, any reasonable person is left asking themselves this question:

“Is what’s best for Hollywood, Silicon Valley and global Big Tech really what’s best for Ohio?”

Vote PRO-GUN in the May 3rd Republican Primary.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners