Fake News ATTACKS!

Gun owners like you and thousands like you all across our state are rising up and telling our legislature “HECK NO!” to Mike DeWine’s Bloomberg-backed gun-control agenda, and the gun-grabbers are FURIOUS!

That’s why the radical left is deploying their lieutenants in the media to attack Ohio Gun Owners, in the hopes that we’ll “back down” from this fight.

But backing down isn’t an option for you and me, nor is it an option for the tens of thousands of OGO members and supporters all across Ohio!

That’s why when Cleveland.com (a Trump-hating, leftist, liberal “news agency”) did an attack article on Ohio Gun Owners, we hit back.

Please watch this video dismantling the Fake News article line by line by line.

When you are finished, please send this email to everyone you know so that they know the truth.

We are working around the clock to mobilize gun owners against the gun-control push that is set to commence on September 17th when our General Assembly comes back to Columbus.

Help us mobilize gun owners in every corner of Ohio by donating HERE.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director

Ohio Gun Owners

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