Here is what Ohio gun owners face in 2020

Next session is going to be explosive with Governor DeWine and a growing number of Republican lawmakers determined to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation here in Ohio.

And no, he’s not calling it that anymore.

In fact, both DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted are working around the clock with key legislators as well as their pals in the fake news media to try to rebrand this bill.

The worst kept secret in Columbus is that Mike DeWine isn’t going to run again, choosing to hand off the Governor’s mansion to Jon Husted. Husted and his handlers are reportedly terrified that any effort to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation will crucify his chance at becoming Governor.

They are absolutely right to be concerned.

After all, after spending his last 15 months in office working around the clock to pass this aggressive gun control bill, former Ohio Governor John Kasich couldn’t get elected to be a dog catcher anywhere in Ohio right now, thanks to angry gun owners.

So to try to confuse gun owners — and attempt to salvage Jon Husted’s political career — Governor DeWine is desperately trying to slide ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation into Ohio code through our existing ‘Pink Slip’ laws.

If anything, this new proposal is even worse than what we were facing under John Kasich.

That’s because under Governor DeWine’s proposal, an angry ex-spouse or politicized county prosecutor can now bypass Ohio’s criminal courts altogether when trying to get your guns confiscated — as these claims would now be heard in probate court!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Low level probate judges, who normally deal with deeds and civil records, would suddenly be given the authority to strip away your Second Amendment freedoms in a court proceeding that has far fewer procedural protections for you and me!

This is being done on purpose, to make it that much easier for gun-grabbers to seize your guns and suspend your God-given right to keep and bear arms.

But that’s not all.

Besides lowering the bar on what judicial protections you could avail yourself too, Governor DeWine is also lowering the bar on the types of people that government agents would be able to target with a gun seizure order to include anyone accused of being a violent user of drugs or alcohol!

So in other words, despite the fact that you are facing NO criminal charges of any kind, DeWine’s bill would allow leftist, liberal probate judges to lock you up for involuntary “treatment” and send the local SWAT team to your home to seize your guns — because your ex-spouse makes a fake claim that you threatened to hurt them and drank too many beers on a Friday night in your own home!

When I first read this language a few months ago, it made my blood boil!

But don’t forget, as bad as this is, DeWine’s bill strikes another blow against the Second Amendment by institutionalizing the concept of seizing someone’s guns for misdemeanors.

For generations in this country, a felony conviction was required to take away someone’s right to defend themselves – a standard that gun-grabbers aren’t satisfied with any longer.

They are desperately hoping to use the fallout from the Dayton shooting to pass DeWine’s bill, which would forever change Ohio law and allow people with DUI’s, or low-level drug charges to be stripped of their gun rights forever!

Does Ohio Gun Owners want people who are high on drugs or drunk and behind the wheel to be carrying firearms? Of course not.

But these things are ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW, so passing this law wouldn’t accomplish anything other than putting in place a permanent system to strip otherwise law-abiding Ohioans of their freedoms!

The other portion of governor DeWine’s gun control bill, ‘Universal Background Checks,’ wouldn’t do a thing to stop violent crime either, as criminals would just continue to get firearms from their friends or by stealing them.

Of course, just like he’s trying to change the name and hide the impact of his ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, governor DeWine is trying to disguise this legislation as well.

Instead of calling them ‘Universal Background Checks,’ governor DeWine and wannabe-governor Husted are trying to force gun owners in Ohio into a brand-new statewide ‘seller protection certificate’ program.

This program would force private firearm sellers to demand to see a buyer’s ‘seller protection certificate’ when selling a firearm — or be prosecuted for a FELONY if that firearm is used in a crime later on!

Nobody, not even parents or family members, could afford to take that chance. So everyone will require them, and DeWine and Husted would get exactly what they want: a government database of every single gun owner in Ohio!

And I’m sure you know just how dangerous that would be.

So how do we stop all of this?

How to we fight back against Governor DeWine, his hordes of gun-grabbing moderates in Columbus and the media that attacks law abiding gun owners every single day?

By using grassroots firepower and flooding the Statehouse with hundreds of thousands of calls and emails, reminding lawmakers that if they support any form of gun control, they will face the sledgehammer of gun owners in the upcoming primary and general elections!

You see, the old ways of doing politics, where a gun rights organization hired a slick (sell-out) lobbyist to spend their days in Columbus kissing the butts and backsides of lawmakers and begging them for scraps of freedom are over. Done. Finished.

Ohio Gun Owners has rewritten the playbook in how we fight for our gun rights. We beg no one. We grovel before no one. Instead, we are building the largest army of grassroots gun owners that Ohio has ever seen, giving gun owners the tools and information they need to FIGHT BACK!

But everything we do in this fight — every email we send, every piece of mail we deploy, and every digital ad we create — costs money.

And I need your help to make sure that Ohio Gun Owners is able to carry out our mandate next year. And that’s why I dearly hope that, if you haven’t already, you’ll renew your membership for 2020!

I know that I’ve told you this before, but honestly, I don’t say it near enough.  Thank you for being such a steadfast supporter of the Second Amendment and of this organization.

Every success that we’ve had over the past three and a half years is because of you, the grassroots members who comprise the Ohio Gun Owners army!

It’s because of you that we stopped John Kasich’s relentless push for gun control last year, Site.

It’s because of you that we racked up 30 cosponsors on Constitutional Carry legislation and successfully pushed it through the Federalism Committee for the first time in Ohio history!

And it’s because of you that we have shut down Governor DeWine’s attack on our precious Second Amendment – so far.

But the threats we are facing aren’t going away. If anything, they are increasing — so I can’t bear to see you walk away now!

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For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners