How to Vote Pro-Gun

This is a ‘must win’ battle.

If you saw Chris’ latest article on the August 8 Special Election, then you know what’s at stake if ‘Issue 1‘ on the August 8th Special Election ballot does not pass.

We’d be looking at tens of millions of dollars being spent from folks like Soros and Bloomberg to gut our Constitutional freedoms.

If we lose this fight they will:

  • Pack the Ohio Supreme Court, so we can never win another gun case again, and make sure SAPA gets struck down!
  • Pass abortion-on-demand up to and including at the moment of birth.
  • Allow for and promote the genital mutilation of children as young as 5 or 6 years old.
  • Totally destroy of our right to keep and bear arms by stripping out Article 1 Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution.

If they are successful in defeating Issue 1 on August 8th, these Commies will also get to work immediately to pass a statewide Red Flag Gun Confiscation law and implement Universal Gun Registration – by putting them right into the Ohio Constitution!

That’s why groups like Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety are working hard and spending MEGA $$$ to defeat Issue 1.

In order for gun owners to win, we’ve gotta take our friends and family with us and STORM the polls on August 8th and Vote YES on Issue 1.

But there are other ways to make sure your PRO-GUN vote is cast, if you can’t or don’t think you’ll be able to make it to your polling place on August 8th.

Starting TODAY, July 11th, your County Board of Elections is open for in-person voting.

And usually there is no line at all. It’s super quick and easy.

(NOTE: You can click here to find the location of your Board of Elections and the hours that they are open for voting.)

But if for some reason you don’t think you’ll make it to your polling place on August 8th, and doing early voting at your County Board of Elections isn’t for you, there is a third way to make sure your vote is cast.

You can vote by Absentee Ballot. Request an absentee ballot by clicking here.

You’ll simply need to print off a copy of the application, fill it in, and mail it to your County Board of Elections.

Once it’s received and approved, you will be sent a ballot that you can mail back in, or drop it off at the Board of Elections before or on August 8th.

Remember, a vote FOR Issue 1 is a vote to preserve gun rights and freedom for generations to come.

The Radical Left is treating Issue 1 as a survival battle, and we need to do the same!

That’s why I’m also asking you to do one more thing.

Please chip in whatever you can afford to this fight, so we can get the word out about this special election, and mobilize as many gun voters to get out and vote as possible!

>>> Chip in $17.76 today. <<<

Whatever you do, and whatever way you decide to vote, please make sure that you do and take as many people with you as you can.

For Ohio,

Rob Knisley, Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The woke mob is working overtime, even spending tens of millions of dollars to defeat Issue 1 on August 8th.

But voting for Issue 1 is how we protect and preserve freedom here in Ohio for generations to come.

That’s why we MUST win this fight.

Please vote PRO-GUN by voting vote YES on Issue 1 whether in person on August 8th, early at your County Board of Elections, or by Absentee Ballot.

Until then chip in whatever you can afford.

Help us mobilize the grassroots and FIGHT BACK by chipping in $17.76 or at least $5.56 today!

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