“I certainly hope so.”

“I certainly hope so,” Nancy Pelosi replied when asked if a bumpstock ban was the beginning of a “slippery slope” leading to more gun-control.

What we were afraid would happen when the NRA signaled it was willing to cut a deal with gun-grabbers is coming true.

You’re probably well aware that a few days after the Vegas murders the NRA came out and told the media and gun owners that they agreed with Feinstein and others that bump-stocks should be added to the NFA list.

They even called on the BATF to reconsider their previous Obama administration ruling that they should NOT be on the NFA list.

But that quickly blew up in their face when the BATF defended their 2010 decision!

Now, gun-grabbers in Congress like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are RACING to take advantage of their opportunity to pass a gun-control bill!

As warned, they aren’t just targeting bump stocks – they are going after everything from custom triggers to standard capacity magazines, too.

Worse, so-called “pro-gun” Republicans are caving all over the country, joining with radicalized gun-grabbers to co-sponsor legislation likely to become a Christmas tree of gun-control bills!

And right here in Ohio, our Republican Congressional delegation is no exception.

Dayton Republican Congressman Mike Turner joined Pelosi in calling for a Congressional “fix” to the “problem.”

Republican Congressman Steve Stivers of Upper Arlington signaled his willingness to run away from gun-owners by saying the issue “should be re-examined.”

Republican Congressman Bill Johnson of Marietta said he’s “willing to take a look” at a prospective bill to ban bump-stocks.

Stivers and Turner were joined by Congressman Pat Tiberi of Genoa Township in signing a letter calling on the BATF to “re-evaluate bump stocks and other similar mechanisms to ensure full compliance with federal law!”

Republican Senator Rob Portman joined in the herd mentality as well and said that he promised to do “due diligence on this legislation.”

And Governor Kasich made national headlines when he went on CBS Morning News and said “of course” he supports outlawing bump stocks.

I don’t know about you, Web, but right now gun owners like you and I are mighty short on politicians willing to stand tall for gun owners and fight back!

That’s why these “pro-gun” Republicans need to hear from you right away – so they know that law-abiding gun owners will NOT take this kick in the teeth lightly.

Call them and tell them that Dianne Feinstein said it best – NO law would have stopped the Vegas shooter!

Tell them to vote NO on ANY gun-control proposal because law-abiding gun owners have NOTHING to apologize for!

Call them on the phone or leave a message on their Facebook pages NOW:

Senator Rob Portman
– 202.224.3353

Congressman Pat Tiberi

– 202.225.5355

Congressman Steve Stivers
– 202.225.2015

Congressman Bill Johnson
– 202.225.5705

Congressman Mike Turner
– 202.225.6465

When you are done, pass forward this email on to two of your closest friends and ask them to do the same.

Remember, when you give a monster a cookie, it’ll want want a glass of milk.

And any time gun owners go on defense and signal their willingness to give even an INCH to the swamp creatures in DC, big Gun Control like Michael Bloomberg and his lieutenants in Congress will do everything they can to take a MILE.

Help us stop them by contacting the Republican members of Congress above TODAY and tell them to vote NO on any gun-control proposals!

Thank you for FIGHTING for the Second Amendment!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The time for “pro-gun Republicans” to stand and FIGHT for law-abiding gun owners is right now!

But with all of the media pressure to cut a deal with the gun-grabbers, the weakness in their knees is creeping up their spines towards their voting fingers!

Please read the email above, and when you are done CONTACT our Ohio Republican Congressional delegation and demand they vote NO on ANY gun-control proposals!

Then forward this email on to two of your closest friends and ask them to do the same!

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