It’s Exactly What Gun Grabbers in Columbus Want!

We’re one day away from a very important deadline in the Ohio Gun Owners’ fiscal year, and without a last-minute infusion of support, we’re going to have to show some weak numbers heading into the 4th quarter.   

This is exactly what Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action – Ohio leader Tara Talgar and the gun grabbers in Columbus (like Reps’ Stephanie Howse, Senator Cecil Thomas and more) are hoping to see.

You see for almost five years now Ohio Gun Owners has been THE SHERIFF for gun owners at election time. We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars exposing gun grabbers through radio and TV ads, digital ads, direct mail, and more.

The gun control crowd in Columbus know this; they’ve paid one hell of a price because of it. OGO members have plunged these gun grabbers deep into the recesses of the capitol because of their votes against the Second Amendment.

But if OGO doesn’t meet our budget, then these freedom-hating socialists are going to see it, and they are going to get emboldened, thinking that we don’t have the ammo to attack their records next year. We can’t let that happen!


This is very simple.

The NRA hasn’t lifted a finger to expose gun grabbers at election time in at least three election cycles. And their instate affiliate is totally corrupt, having helped WRITE DeWine’s gun-control agenda.

The brutal political beatings that Ohio Gun Owners have delivered against gun-grabbers every two years since we were founded are THE ONLY THING keeping the radical left at bay in Columbus!

But if our fundraising numbers don’t remain strong, then it will be a signal to the gun-grabbers in Columbus and their allies (like DeWine)that they can attack our gun rights at whim, since there won’t be anyone who can expose them at election time.

That’s why our end-of-quarter numbers are so important, and that’s why I hope that you’ll help us plug the gaps in our budget with an immediate donation


Already so many Ohioans have stepped up to the plate and made a big investment in our fight for freedom. A few days ago, we were 17% behind in our projections for the end of September.

Thanks to your support, we’ve cut that to 13%. But even at 13% we’re at least $11,000 behind where we need to be for this time of year.

And with the fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB62) and Constitutional Carry (HB227), our fight to crush federal gun control ongoing, and the 2022 elections already on the horizon we need to close this gap right away!

I know that some of you can afford a donation of $500 or $1,000 right now, and take a massive bite out of our shortfall. If you’re in this position, then I hope you’ll be generous.

For others, I know that $50 or $100 are significant portions of your disposable income and I know what a sacrifice that represents.

Whatever you can afford to give, please do so right away!

It’s great to help national causes or candidates in Washington, D.C. from time to time. But OGO fights for Ohio. OGO fights for you. OGO fights for your children and grand-children’s freedoms.

Please make a generous donation today, and send a message to the gun grabbers in Columbus that Ohio Gun Owners is stronger than ever this fall and, next year, MERCILESS in our efforts to stop gun control and expose gun grabbers!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The 3rd quarter ends tomorrow, and if Ohio Gun Owners fundraising numbers remain under budget, the gun-grabbers Columbus are going to attack next session, assuming that we won’t be able to expose them next fall.

We need your help to close our gap — and raise a very fast $11,000 — to finish this quarter strong and continue to be the terrifying deterrent to gun grabbers that we’ve been for close to six years!


Everything is one the line for our gun rights right now. I hope you’ll make an immediate donation to help OGO continue to have the ability to FIGHT HARD for you!