It’s HAMMER TIME, gun owners!

It’s hammer time!

(haha, easy there, tiger. We know your name isn’t Paul Pelosi)

Tomorrow is election day, and it’s a huge opportunity for us gun voters, ESPECIALLY when we are talking about the race for Ohio’s House of Representatives.

Will the Republican majorities in Columbus expand or contract? Will Bloomberg buoy the radical left into power?

These questions will be answered by those who show up at the polls.

The fact is, you and I have a lot of work left to do to BIGLY improve Ohio’s self-defense laws to the level they should have been all along, like:

➜ ➜ You should be able to carry a rifle in the gun rack of your truck on the way to your favorite hunting spot.

➜ ➜ The state of Ohio should NOT be able to tell us which legally owned firearm we choose to carry to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

➜ ➜ Ohio should join Missouri in giving Biden a big ole’ Let’s Go Brandon by passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which stops Ohio from enforcing Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer/Joe Biden’s unconstitutional gun edicts.

This is all common sense, and these are the issues Ohio Gun Owners will be facing head on going into next year’s session.

So before you head to the polls tomorrow, check out our Ohio General Assembly, US Senate, Supreme Court and Gubernatorial voters guides.

>>> Ohio House Voter Guide <<<
>>> Ohio Senate Voter Guide <<<
>>> Ohio Supreme Court Voter Guide <<<
>>> Ohio Gubernatorial Voter Guide <<<

Remember, these politicians, many of whom stabbed you and me in the back over the last two years during the lockdowns, the shutdowns, the social distancing.

Now its our turn for payback.


For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners