EXPOSED: Gun Control Agenda for the Ohio Constitution

In a shocking reversal from the Left’s talking points, Cleveland Mayor Jason Bibb was caught Wednesday afternoon ADMITTING that what we’ve been saying about the effort to defeat Issue One is TRUE all along!

Bibb, one of Ohio’s most communist elected politicians, slipped up and was quoted on camera urging people to vote no on Issue One in order to position the Democrats to put pure gun-control into the Ohio Constitution!

Watch for yourself:

The Democrats, the billionaires that are funding them, even the Communist Party of Ohio is going all-in to DEFEAT Issue One.


Because they are gearing up to totally destroy our gun rights through a massive, billionaire-funded statewide “Constitutional Amendment” campaign that repeals Article 1, Section 4 and replaces it with total gun-control.

Please share this email with everyone you know so that they know the TRUTH about Issue One, and then please make an emergency donation to Ohio Gun Owners so that we can get this ad and many more like it pumping all across Ohio!

And please make damn sure you make it to the polls on August 8th and vote pro-gun, vote YES on Issue One!