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When it comes to gun rights in Ohio, no single day has more of an effect on freedom than today’s primaries for the General Assembly and the Republican State Central Committee elections.

Here is why they are important:

2022 Primary for Ohio General Assembly

When gun owners and gun voters go to the polls today, they will be picking who they want to represent them at the Statehouse on in Columbus.

The effects will be felt immediately: the fate of pro-gun bills and gun-control bills for the next two years will largely be determined by the character and beliefs of the winners of these elections.

Will moderate RINOs win and team up with the communist left to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation?

Or will a cadre of Second Amendment champions rise up and fearlessly fight for freedom by fixing our lacking self-defense laws, fixing our weak carry laws and hammer through the Second Amendment Preservation Act to permanently CRIPPLE federal gun-control in Ohio?

Today’s elections will answer the majority of these questions.

2022 Republican State Central Committee Elections

The RINO Establishment’s control of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee (ORP SCC) is their #1 weapon against the grassroots and in making sure that most legislators who make it into the Ohio General Assembly are quisling, yes-men button-pushers for the party bosses.

This 66-member committee – one man and one woman elected from each of Ohio’s 33 Senate districts – chooses who the Republican party endorses, who they give party funds and volunteers to, and so much more.

But more specifically, Ohio’s RINO elite use this committee endorsement process to make sure that grassroots-backed candidates, who want to actually CHANGE what happens in Columbus, have the hardest road possible in getting elected.

Gun owners have been disrespected by this corrupt process for far too long, and today’s SCC elections are our opportunity to RUN this committee.

In 2018, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee unfairly endorsed the establishment’s pick, Mike DeWine, over grassroots-backed Mary Taylor BEFORE the voters ever had a say in the process.

DeWine went on to attack gun rights fiercely in August of 2019, forcing Ohio Gun Owners to spend time, money and resources successfully defeating his gun-control agenda, rather than fighting to pass major pro-gun policies.

This election cycle, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee did it again by endorsing pro-Red Flag Gun Confiscation Mike DeWine BEFORE the primary election, giving him a massive advantage and deceiving the voters!

And they don’t stop there.

The ORP SCC endorses their hand-picked candidates all up and down the ballot and focuses extensively on their legislative endorsements for the Statehouse in Columbus.

Quite frankly, this needs to come to an end – full stop – because it completely tramples the votes of the grassroots and subjugates the will of We the People.

Ever wonder why the super-majority in Ohio’s Republican-controlled General Assembly refused to put the reigns on Mike DeWine and Amy Acton when they were viciously attacking our Constitutional freedoms and unilaterally making decisions without input from the General Assembly?

The Establishment’s control of the Ohio Republican Party’s State Central Committee is probably the largest reason why – they control who gets in and who gets out of the Ohio General Assembly.

August 2 – The Big Opportunity

OGO’s members and supporters already know why it is important to vote in today’s legislative primaries – they’ve SEEN what Ohio Gun Owners’ grassroots ARMY can accomplish in Columbus with just a few legislators leading the charge.

Adding a half-dozen or more pro-gun champions to the whip-count board in OGO’s Lancaster headquarters would be a total game-changer for gun rights in Ohio.

But the not-so-obvious opportunity gun voters have TODAY belongs especially to gun rights supporters who live in Democrat-controlled areas of the state.

For these voters, it can sometimes seem demotivating to have to email or call Democrat legislators to demand they vote for gun-rights bills or against gun-control bills.

That’s why your vote in today’s State Central Committee elections are SO important – your district WILL be electing a committeeman and a committeewoman to Ohio’s Republican Party State Central Committee, no matter how democrat-leaning your legislative district is!

In many ways, if you live in a Democrat-controlled legislative district, your vote in the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee elections can be the most important vote you can cast in a two-year election cycle, and will pay out the largest when it comes to your freedoms.

That’s why OGO has assembled voter guides for both the Ohio Legislative Primary Elections AND the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Elections.

(NOTE: To be clear, today’s August 2nd elections are the ONLY chance Ohio voters have of addressing the corruption in the Ohio GOP – this issue will not be on the November ballot.)

Please view our extensive voter guides before you vote, and please share them with your pro-gun family and friends.

To see OGO’s Legislative Primary Election Voter Guide, click HERE.


To see OGO’s Republican State Central Committee Election Voter Guide, click HERE.


Again, please share this information with all of your friends and family so they can make an informed decision at the polls.

And whatever you do, go vote PRO-GUN today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners