Ohio ALERT: Comprehensive Gun Ban Introduced in Ohio with Kasich Support

Dear John Kasich:

     Thank you very much for your support of HR4296, the assault weapons ban… I applaud the bipartisan nature with which our victory was achieved and commend you for your courageous vote. I enjoyed our visit last night.

     With best wishes, Bill (Clinton)

That was the 1994 thank you letter President Bill Clinton wrote to then-Congressman Kasich after Kasich’s turncoat vote for Clinton’s signature gun-control achievement, the infamous “assault weapons ban.”

(Congressman John Kasich and President Bill Clinton)

When it was time to run for Governor in Ohio Kasich changed his tune, knowing that Ohio’s gun owners blocked the path to power of Clinton’s gun-control militant.

But now that power-hungry Kasich is term-limited and can’t run for governor again, and with many predicting a party-switch to mount a campaign for President in 2020, Kasich’s fear of gun owners in Ohio has dwindled.

And Sunday, Kasich outright renegged on the “conversion” story he used to swindle the voters of Ohio with and went on the Clinton News Network (CNN) to angrily attack gun owners and demand a gun ban once more!

He pledged support for Michael Bloomberg’s hallmark Universal Gun Registration and even called for a database to register EVERY firearm transfer!

Web, I don’t know about you, but databases to track, trace and register Americans is what they use for sex-offenders and pedophiles.

Governor Kasich is mounting a warpath to punish lawful gun owners like you and me for the unlawful murderous rampages of killers.

And like clockwork, on Tuesday afternoon Kasich’s militants in the Ohio Senate joined in, introducing the mother of all gun-control bills, Senate Bill 260.

It’s bad.

Senate Bill 260 (SB260) would:

  • Outlaw any firearm even CAPABLE of accepting a 10-round magazine.

They’re calling it an “assault weapon” ban, but what it really is is a comprehensive outright GUN BAN!

It would OUTLAW a Ruger 10/22 and even Marlin Model 60’s, firearms that MOST youngsters are trained by their dads with to properly and safely use firearms.

It would outlaw standard civilian rifles, like AR15’s, a firearm that millions of Americans use lawfully every day.

It would outlaw nearly every modern pistol that you carry every day to defend yourself and loved ones, like Glock 19’s, HK USP Compacts, Sig P229’s or the new P365, Smith and Wesson, Springfield XD’s… all BANNED.

  • Order the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification to build a firearms and ammunition transaction database.

This provision is extremely dangerous as it creates a database to track gun owners and their buying patterns.

You want a case of .223 to have fun shooting watermelons on a weekend with a bunch of buddies? Well, you’ll have to register like a pedophile, first.

Need some steel shot for duck-opener have to run to the store the night before opener? Your transaction will be logged like a sex-offender.

  • Order the Ohio Attorney General to make sure that the database maintains conformity with any FUTURE act of the general assembly.

In other words, this whole database program is designed for future modifications and any future expansion of gun-control passed through our General Assembly.

This “future proof” clause makes the gun-grabbers’ intentions clear: this database is designed to be the foundation of their long-term implementation of gun-control.

This is serious, Web.

Some naïve fools will tell you that we don’t have to worry about gun-control passing here in Ohio and to trust in our Republican majorities, but they are just that: fools.

There’s a reason why Ohio is a national embarrassment in the 2nd Amendment community with our worst-in-the-country self-defense law.

There’s a reason why the Ohio General Assembly hasn’t passed a major gun bill in over a decade.

There’s a reason why most of our neighboring states have passed bills like Constitutional Carry or Stand-Your-Ground while we haven’t.

It’s because there are committed anti-gunners in BOTH parties in Columbus who have successfully killed off pro-gun bills behind the scenes!

And they’re just itching for a chance to come out of the closet and go on the warpath against our 2nd Amendment Rights.

With Republican Governor Kasich providing the cover and the recent murder sprees in Florida, Texas and Nevada, they think they’re on the verge of being able to do just that.

And they might be right.

That’s why I’m asking you to do two things right away:

First, sign your Ohio Gun Owners petition to Block, Stop and KILL the Kasich Gun Ban, SF260, right away!

Gun owners like you and me need to treat SF260 and any gun-control bills in the Ohio Statehouse right now with EXTREME prejudice.

We need to send the loud, clear, crystal message to the Statehouse right now that “if you even so much as hint at touching our gun rights, you’ll pay a severe price in November!”

Please click the image below to sign and submit your petition.

Second, please consider an emergency contribution to Ohio Gun Owners immediately.

Perhaps you are able to make a major donation and can afford $500 or $250?

Or maybe $100 or $50 is more appropriate for your budget?

We know that financial resources don’t come easy.

So if you can afford even just $20 or $35, we will put every penny to use scaling up our efforts to mobilize gun owners statewide to help KILL this bill!

It is important we do not let this outright attack on our 2nd Amendment freedoms go unanswered.

If we don’t, it will grow and spread like cancer, as gun owners have experienced in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and other states.

So please click the image below and submit your petition to stop, block and KILL the Kasich gun-ban TODAY.

And when you’re done, please make a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 or even just $20 right away to help KILL this bill before it gets any further.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners
Ohio’s Largest Grassroots Gun Rights Lobby

P.S. Please read the email above and take action!

Republican governor John Kasich has renegged on his rhetoric to gun owners across Ohio and has reverted back to his roots, DEMANDING passage of a gun ban that would outlaw common firearms like Ruger 10/22’s, AR15’s and most modern pistols like Glock 19’s.

With his fellow gun-control militants in the Ohio Senate already introducing the bill on Tuesday (SB260), gun owners need to act quickly!

So please click the image below and submit your petition AGAINST the Kasich Gun Ban right away.

And when you’re done, please make a contribution of $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 or even just $20 right away to help KILL this bill before it gets any further.