Ohio ALERT: Only THREE more chances to pass Constitutional Carry

We are in a time crunch, and we only have three more chances to pass Constitutional Carry before the Republican Primary in May.

And believe me, we have a far greater chance of Governor Mike DeWine signing this bill into law before the primary than we do after it.

Watch the video here:

As you’ll see in the video, OGO is hammering away on these committee members in their districts with very expensive direct-text campaigns.

It may be expensive, but it’s brutally effective, and now is the time to do it!

That’s why I’m asking you to chip in whatever you can afford to help us do more of it.

In fact, if I can raise $5,000 between now and March 2nd, we’re going to expand the number of districts being targeted to include every member of the committee and every member of the leadership team!

So please be generous – $5, $25, $50 or even $100 or $1000 goes tremendously far.

And when you are finished, text every single member of the House Government Oversight Committee and tell them:

STOP being lazy, STOP slow-rolling Constitutional Carry, do your jobs and VOTE SB215 out immediately!

Chairman Shane Wilkin: (937) 402-7650

Vice-Chairwoman Andrea White: (937) 321-1813

Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz: (513) 382-8281

Assistant Maj. Leader Rick Carfagna: (740) 972-8719

Majority Whip Don Jones: (740) 391-5025

Speaker Pro Tem Tim Ginter: (330) 692-2049

Representative Phil Plummer: (937) 478-5367

Keep fighting!

~~ Chris