Ohio ALERT: Senate Back In Session!

It’s time to wake up and smell the gunpowder, Madelyn.

The Ohio Senate goes back into session TODAY and that means it is time to blast the General Assembly with pressure from grassroots gun owners in every corner of Ohio!

If you have been active in the battle for freedom here in Ohio for any length of time at all, you know painfully too well that the Ohio Senate treats gun owners like you and me very unfairly.

After all, gun owners as a voting bloc have boot-stomped anti-gun Democrats election after election after election and voted in Republican Super Majorities, but for what?

Our gun rights in Ohio are in shambles when they are compared to nearly any other Republican Trifecta state in America.

To put it into perspective, in the last two months Missouri enacted America’s leading SAPA State Sanctuary law to protect Missourians’ gun rights from Biden’s Federal Gun-Control laws, and Texas became the 21st Constitutional Carry state.

Those states have what Ohio has: a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican Governor.

During the time Missouri and Texas were dropping bombs on gun-control and going to war for gun owners, our dear, sweet Republican majorities were resting and recuperating from a long, hard spring session of doing absolutely nothing for anyone.

We don’t believe in bone laziness, we don’t believe in lying to get elected and we don’t believe in wasting Republican majorities, so we here at OGO believe damn good and well that it is high time the Ohio Republican majorities get to work passing pro-gun bills.

And now is the perfect time for them to do it.

That’s because Ohio State Senator Terry Johnson just filed SB215 in the Ohio Senate.

By far the best bill to be introduced in the Ohio Senate since the full-orbed Stand-Your-Ground bill he introduced for Ohio Gun Owners last General Assembly, SB215:

>>> Recognizes the right of lawful Ohioans to carry a concealed handgun without begging government permission to carry first.

It’s a simple concept: if you’re legally allowed to own a handgun, it should be legal to carry that handgun for any lawful purpose with no additional paperwork or license required.

But what if you still want a license for reciprocity purposes or any other reason?

You can still do that under SB 215 as it doesn’t phase out the CHL license, but makes it optional.

>>> Fixes Ohio’s dumb duty-to-notify law by repealing it once and for all.

Violent criminals have never told law-enforcement that they are carrying firearms. Duh.

Likewise, if you get stopped by the State Patrol, you shouldn’t be a criminal for not proactively notifying the police officer (or every additional responding officer!) that you are concealed-carrying your fabulous new Sig P320 X5 Legion quickly enough!

You shouldn’t need to tell law-enforcement that you are exercising your right to worship, your right to assemble, or your right to free speech, either!

And of course, nothing in this bill prevents lawful citizens from telling law-enforcement officers that they ARE carrying a firearm if they so choose.

>>> Fixes Ohio’s Stand-Your-Ground law by creating a process for pre-trial immunity hearings.

If, God forbid, you are ever forced to use a firearm in self-defense, you would no longer be subject to being drug through the court system – and shelling out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees – to simply prove you were justified for doing so!

Instead, you would be able to go before a judge in a pre-trial immunity hearing, tell them what happened (and yes, we still recommend a lawyer!), and if a prosecuting attorney can’t prove otherwise in that pre-trial hearing, you would be free to go.

>>> Allows Ohioans who were previously charged with failing to notify a police officer of their concealed weapon the ability to have their record expunged.

Now, the fact is that no major piece of pro-gun freedom like this moves without major action from the grassroots, and that is where you come in, Madelyn.

Please click, sign and submit your petition to your State Senator in favor of SB215 right away!


This fight is finally coming to the Senate.

And with the House coming back into session next week, the best thing you and I can do right now is drown the politicians with petitions to get off their butts and pass pro-gun bills!

Let’s face it, these bills aren’t magically going to get taken up by the Senate Leadership, run through committee, put on the floor and voted out of the Senate on their own merits, like you and I would do.

Because nothing pro-gun happens at the Statehouse unless gun owners are politically FEARED.

That’s what tens of thousands of petitions just like yours will do.

But we need you to take action first and make sure you get all your pro-2A buddies to get engaged and take action also!

Sign your petition demanding the Ohio Senate pass REAL pro-gun reforms like SB215 NOW!


But the truth is this isn’t our only fight.

We’re also pounding the doors of the Statehouse for Constitutional Carry and SAPA law in the House while working overtime to defeat Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s gun control agenda in Washington.

Ohio Gun Owners loves to fight for freedom, but we can’t do it without you standing with us.

So, after you have signed your petition, please chip in $25, $50, $100 or any amount to this effort so we can best FIGHT for you and for our gun rights in Columbus.

But most importantly, take action today!

For Freedom,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners