Rep Ron Hood Delivers: Constitutional Carry INTRODUCED!

Huge news!

Early this afternoon, Representative Ron Hood (R-Ashville) submitted Ohio Gun Owners’ Constitutional Carry bill for introduction.

The introduction of Constitutional Carry, H.B. No. 201, represents a major opportunity for gun owners in the Buckeye State.

Just a few years ago, only two states enjoyed being able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights without first begging for permission or paying taxes and fees.

But gun owners have been rising up all across America, insisting that their elected representatives do MORE to restore our 2nd Amendment freedoms!

State legislatures have been flipped.

Majority parties have been booted out.

The political careers of anti-gun politicians trying to block gun rights bills have been destroyed.

In fact, over a quarter of America now enjoys Constitutional Carry freedom, thanks to engaged and mobilized gun owners.

It is time for Ohio to join that list and become the 14th state to pass Constitutional Carry.

Sure, we have a lot of work to do.

But gun owners are some of the hardest working people in Ohio, and I know we are not going to rest until we get it passed.

Right now we’re waiting to find out which committee Constitutional Carry is going to be assigned to, but in the meantime I’m asking you to do two things.

First, please click and sign your petition in support for Constitutional Carry!

We will deliver these petitions to YOUR state representatives, and as you’ll see they simply insist that your state representative do everything in their power to pass Constitutional Carry!

Second, please consider contributing whatever you can afford to help us mobilize gun owners across our state to this fight.

Constitutional Carry wasn’t just sweep into existence by a magical Constitutional Carry fairy in the 13 states that have already passed it.

It took hard work, dedication and the calls, emails and messages of thousands of gun owners like you in those states to make it happen.

And that’s exactly what we are going to do here in Ohio.

So after you’ve signed the petition to your legislator to support and vote YES on Constitutional Carry, please contribute whatever you can afford right away.

Whether that’s a major contribution of $250 or $100, or whether $50, $35 or even $20 is more appropriate for your budget, please give what you can.

We will use the resources you entrust to us to identify, mobilize and activate more gun owners in every corner of the state to join with us in our battle pass Constitutional Carry.

Please take action now!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Representative Ron Hood (R-Ashville) just introduced H.B. 201, Ohio Gun Owners’ Constitutional Carry bill!

Please read the email above and sign the petition to your legislator and insist they support and vote YES on Constitutional Carry!

And when you are done, please consider contributing whatever amount you can afford so that we can mobilize the thousands of gun owners across the state necessary to pass this important bill!

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