Chairwoman Kristina Roegner

Constitutional Carry Sponsor Testimony SCHEDULED!

The Ohio Gun Owners Constitutional Carry bill is picking up more steam by the minute – read below! After being introduced less than two weeks ago, we were afraid H.B. 201 was going to be referred to the less-friendly House State and Local Government committee. But instead, it was referred to the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee! That is good news because nine of the thirteen members are already cosponsors.

Constitutional Carry Makes Successful First Move!

It may only have been introduced on Wednesday of last week, but Constitutional Carry just took a huge step forward!You already knew that Constitutional Carry has 24 sponsors. And you already knew that we were waiting to find out which committee it would be assigned to. Now, just yesterday, H.B. 201 was assigned to the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee! But here’s the good news: NINE of the thirteen