Ohio Stand-Your-Ground Bill

Stand-Your-Ground law is on the move in the Ohio Legislature!

Click to see the bill for yourself as well as read our Fact Sheet that highlights below about what this bill would, and would not, do! Feel free to review this and then make sure you contact your State Representative and urge him/her to cosponsor Stand-Your-Ground law for Ohio! Download and Read the Bill Language HERE Stand-Your-Ground law was first passed in 2005 in Florida and was signed into law

Stand Your Ground Law in Ohio?

You’re walking out of a convenience store late one night after a brutal day at work. Hearing footsteps pounding on the pavement behind you as you walk to your care, you rush to try to get in, lock your door and speed off. But before you can get there, you feel a hand reach for your throat. The good news is, you’re armed, you’re trained, and you’re ready to do