Help Stop Kasich's Gun-Control in the Ohio Senate!

Fellow Ohioans, Two hundred and sixty-five days stand between now and Governor Kasich’s exit from our governor’s Mansion, but he’s hell-bent to use every one of them against gun owners. In a Lincoln room press conference yesterday at the Statehouse, Kasich signed an Executive Order (EO) to expand the amount of data flowing from Ohio into the Federal gun-owner database. photo credit: State Representative Nino Vitale Slinging sound-bytes from Bloomberg’s

Do you like us or not?

Do you like us? I can tell you without a doubt that we are truly grateful and appreciate the support of each and every one of our members and supporters like you, Web. So we sure like you! But right now I’m asking if you’ve “LIKED” us on Facebook? If you haven’t, will you? Facebook is one of the tools we use to broadcast up-to-the-minute information about the fight for

URGENT: Web, there isn't much time - call now!

There isn’t much time to explain. Please watch this short video, then make sure you contact the members of the House Federalism Committee listed below! Don’t wait – the committee starts at 1pm TODAY! Contact: ➜➜ Chair Kristina Roegner email: [email protected] Phone: 614.466.1177 Facebook: Here ➜➜ Vice-Chair Scott Lipps Email: [email protected] Phone: 614.644.6023 Facebook: Here ➜➜ Ranking Member David Leland Email: [email protected] Phone: 614.466.2473 Facebook: Here ➜➜ Rep Michael Ashford

Constitutional Carry will be heard Today at 4:00pm

I just received word yesterday that Constitutional Carry will be heard TODAY at 4:00pm in room 115 at the Statehouse! On the agenda? “Proponent testimony.” In other words, now is the time for gun owners across Ohio to make their voices heard that you want Ohio to be the 14th state to pass Constitutional Carry! Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that if you’re legal to own a firearm, you’re legal

Constitutional Carry Sponsor Testimony SCHEDULED!

The Ohio Gun Owners Constitutional Carry bill is picking up more steam by the minute – read below! After being introduced less than two weeks ago, we were afraid H.B. 201 was going to be referred to the less-friendly House State and Local Government committee. But instead, it was referred to the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee! That is good news because nine of the thirteen members are already cosponsors.

Blood in the streets

“Blood will run in the streets.” “There will be shootouts for parking spaces at Walmart.” “It’ll be like the Wild West all over again, with citizens shooting guns at each other like it’s the OK Corral.” “Guns will be available on the streets, and our kids will pay with their lives.” We’ve all heard these lines before. They’re the same, worn-out lines that gun grabbers trot out year after year,

Constitutional Carry Cosponsorship deadline delayed

Since the Ohio legislature is on break until next week, Constitutional Carry sponsor Representative Ron Hood has decided to keep the co-sponsorship window open another week! That means your state representative can still sign on as a cosponsor to Constitutional Carry! Gun rights are moving everywhere: ▶▶ Iowa gun owners just passed Stand-Your-Ground law after a 6-year battle with their legislature. ▶▶ North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum just signed Constitutional

Video Update on Constitutional Carry Co-Sponsors

I shot this short video update for you while I was at the Statehouse yesterday talking with legislators about the Constitutional Carry bill. As our Constitutional Carry bill sponsor Representative Ron Hood explains in the video, we need gun owners like you to call your state representative TODAY! To find out who your representative is, click here.There isn’t much time before the window for co-sponsorship closes. This is a great way

My Rep Co-sponsored Constitutional Carry - Has Yours?

Constitutional Carry is starting to move, and I need a few minutes of your time today to give it a big push. As we said last week, the Ohio Constitutional Carry Act of 2017 by Representatives Hood and Brinkman is completed and ready for co-sponsors. And after we asked you to start contacting your representatives to co-sponsor this major Second Amendment reform, they’re beginning to get the message! You already