The list of pro-gun cosponsors so far

It’s deadline Friday, but the list of representatives who have signed on as co-sponsors to Representative Ron Hood’s Constitutional Carry bill is growing FAST.

Now we need YOUR legislator to sign on as well!

If your legislator’s name is not on the list below, there is not a moment to waste.

The deadline for cosponsoring is TODAY (Friday) at 5:00pm, so there is still time for you to contact them and demand they sign on as a co-sponsor to Constitutional Carry!

Here is the list:

➨ Rep. Ron Hood, District 78, Lead Sponsor
➨ Rep. Tom Brinkman, District 27, Joint Sponsor
Rep. Scott Wiggam, District 1
Rep. Bill Blessing, District 29
Rep. Kristina Roegner, District 37
Rep. Jim Butler, District 41
Rep. Niraj Antani, District 42
Rep. Derek Merrin, District 47
Rep. Candice Keller, District 53
Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, District 54
Rep. Ron Young, District 61
Rep. Scott Lipps, District 62
Rep. John Becker, District 65
Rep. Andrew Brenner, District 67
Rep. Bill Dean, District 74
Rep. Sarah LaTourette, District 76
Rep. Robert McColley, District 81
Rep. Craig Riedel, District 82
Rep. Robert Sprague, District 83
Rep. Nino Vitale, District 85
Rep. Wesley Goodman, District 87
Rep. Terry Johnson, District 90
Rep. Andy Thompson, District 95

If your state representative is not listed above, please take 5 minutes to contact them RIGHT NOW!

You can find your House representative HERE .

Once you’ve contacted them, ask your friends and family to do the same thing.

Several people are on the list above because of calls gun owners like you made yesterday, so keep the calls rolling!

— Chris

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