The time is NOW for Constitutional Carry!

We all saw what happened.

The moment the Chinese Virus debacle kicked off in March, anti-gun governors across America did all they could to restrict our Second Amendment rights, right when we needed them the most.

Right here in Ohio, county sheriff’s departments stopped issuing permits to carry firearms because of the China Virus.

And when the looting, riots and violence broke out in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, as BLM and Antifa terrorists took to the streets (and which Governor DeWine refuses to condemn), many first time gun buyers were left helpless, unable to carry their firearms because no permits were being issued by our government.

This is EXACTLY the reason why Constitutional Carry legislation has been a hallmark pro-gun agenda item for Ohio Gun Owners ever since we were formed in 2016.

You see, if passed, the Constitutional Carry Bill (HB178) would restore the right of every law-abiding Ohio citizen to carry a gun to protect themselves and their families – WITHOUT having to register with the government like a sex offender!

It simply states that if you can legally own a gun, you can carry that firearm without permission from our tyrannical Governor DeWine — and without arbitrarily being forced to wait when you need it most!

Constitutional Carry is law in over 15 states and it’s desperately needed in Ohio.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign your petition right now in support of this life-saving legislation!

Fact is, sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

That’s why OGO never stops fighting for what gun owners want, no matter who holds the power in Columbus!

Only by fighting and pushing back will we ever achieve our goals of stopping radical leftists from stripping us of our freedom and passing bills that will increase public safety and restore the right of law-abiding Ohioans to protect themselves and their loved ones!

So please sign your petition right away by clicking this link or the image above.

When you are done, please help OGO gear up for the next step in this fight by making a contribution right away.

The 2020 elections are right around the corner and we’re preparing to go all-out to expose BAD politicians who attack your gun rights.

But we can’t do it without you.

So whether you can do $100, $50 or $25, every bit helps and will be added to our fighting budget for the upcoming elections!

Thank you for standing with us!

Never apologize, never back down and never stop FIGHTING for our American freedoms.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners