Today’s Committee Hearing!

The Ohio House Government Oversight Committee met again this morning at 10am, but once again, even though they easily could have, they did NOT vote SB215 out of Committee!

Friend, this isn’t good news. Please watch my short video update here:

Even worse, the legislature has all next week off, and the next House floor session is Wednesday, March 2.

But the House Government Oversight Committee time slot for hearings is Thursday mornings at 10:00am.

That means that if, IF, the Government Oversight Committee votes SB215 out of their next Committee hearing (likely March 3rd), the earliest chance we could get a floor vote on Constitutional Carry is March 23!

And if they keep slow-rolling Constitutional Carry, there are only two other floor session opportunities left for a vote: March 30 and April 6.

In other words, we only have THREE chances to get this done.

So I’m asking you to double-down and contact the members of this committee using their contact information below.

But before you do that, I hope you will first contact the Speaker of the House, Bob Cupp.

Call or Text Speaker Cupp at (419) 230-2668

Insist that Speaker Cupp stop “leading” from the back and get Constitutional Carry finished!

With Joe Biden’s executive orders going into effect as early as May, it is very important that we finish this battle for Constitutional Carry and move on to House Bill 62, the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

But we can’t do that if House Republicans never get the job done that they promised to in the 2020 elections.

So again, please contact Speaker Cupp at (419) 230-2668 and insist that he give the orders for early committee hearings and to vote SB215 out of the House with no weakening amendments by their March 2 floor session!

After you’ve contacted the Speaker, please contact the rest of the committee using the information below:

Chairman Shane Wilkin: (937) 402-7650

Vice-Chairwoman Andrea White: (937) 321-1813

Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz: (513) 382-8281

Assistant Maj. Leader Rick Carfagna: (740) 972-8719

Majority Whip Don Jones: (740) 391-5025

Speaker Pro Tem Tim Ginter: (330) 692-2049

Representative Phil Plummer: (937) 478-5367

Please also take a moment to email the members of the committee HERE.

Thank you for FIGHTING!

~~ Chris

P.S. OGO is spending large amounts of resources to finish this fight, so any amount you can afford to chip in would be greatly appreciated!