VICTORY: Constitutional Carry PASSES Ohio House!!



With a tidal wave of grassroots pressure pushing them from behind, the Ohio House just HAMMERED Constitutional Carry through by a vote of 60 to 32!

This is a massive victory for gun owners in Ohio and we get to enjoy this win because of OGO members and supporters like YOU.

You and thousands upon thousands of other members of Ohio Gun Owners have been lighting up email inboxes and making phone lines glow in the House for YEARS and they finally buckled, being unable to ignore the will of the people any longer!

This is a huge win, but the fight doesn’t end here.

Constitutional Carry is now headed to the Ohio Senate, and we’ve got to do the same thing there that we just did in the House. We’ve got to ratchet up the pressure even more!

We’ve got some major hurdles to overcome in the Senate — who has been blocking and stopping this law from coming up for years. All while Senator Matt Dolan has been pushing for John Kasich and Mike DeWine’s gun control agendas!

The fact is, gun owners only gave Republicans super-majority power in Columbus to pass pro-gun bills and it’s well past time for the Senate to remember their roots and PASS THE BILL!

That’s why I’m asking you to send your Senator a pre-written email and tell them to grow a spine, stand tall, and FIGHT for gun owners by running Constitutional Carry on the Senate floor and voting it out!

<<< Email Your Senator HERE! >>>

What these politicians need to understand is that gun owners won’t take be trampled on. Those days are long gone. And unless they want to be trampled on in the elections, they need to FIGHT for us and our rights!

Here at OGO, we’re real tired of the Radical Left getting to shove their crazy communist agenda down our throats from their house of cards in Washington– it’s time to return the favor and jackhammer Constitutional Carry into law.

Again, give yourself a huge pat on the back! This is a big and beautiful victory and it’s all because of you.

Most importantly, TAKE ACTION to help us pass this bill through the Senate and encourage folks you know to take action too!

More updates to follow very soon.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners