Video Message from Chris Dorr

Americans like you and me are engaged in a cultural war for the freedom in this country.


And who are we fighting?


All of them.


We are fighting the Communists pretending to be Democrats in Washington DC and Columbus.


We are fighting the corporate-owned fake-news media.


We are fighting against a Radical Left that wants to destroy America and trample out the vestiges of Western Civilization, which is by far and away vastly superior to any other in human history.


But the “we” who are doing the fighting does not include everyone that it should.


Sadly, here in Ohio it isn’t the Democrats, the fake news or the radical Left to blame for the direction of our state, it is Republicans who are refusing and unwilling to stand up and fight back who are to blame.


It is simple math: Republicans hold a supermajority in the General Assembly, and they control the Governor’s Mansion.


In other words, Ohio Republicans have enough vote to ram through any safeguard for freedom that they want – IF they wanted to.


And they NEED to want to, especially when it comes to our gun rights because without our gun rights, all of our other freedoms will quickly be destroyed.


The Second Amendment is the freedom that guarantees ALL of our freedoms.


But it is ‘Republican’ politicians in Columbus like Shane Wilkin, Bill Seitz, Cindy Abrams and others who are the ones stalling, blocking, and outright sabotaging the Constitutional Carry bill right now.


Even worse, Chairman Shane Wilkin has been reaching out through phone calls, emails and text messages to some of our members and is trying to deflect his own responsibility for blocking the bill by accusing OGO of not doing our job in advocating for the bill.


That is why I’m asking you to watch the video I have prepared for you where I address his text messages line by line, dismantling and debunking every jot and tittle of his untruthful words.



As you’ll see, Shane thinks very poorly of you and our freedoms.

Like most politicians in Columbus, Wilkin wants you to go away and settle for the scraps that he magnanimously decides he may or may not want to give you.

Screw that.

Our rights were endowed on we Americans by our Creator, not parceled out by tin-horn tyrants.

So please check out my video above, and help us fight like hell for Constitutional Carry with a generous contribution today!

The Radical Left has declared war on you and me and the Republicans are killing us with their apathy, but OGO stands ready, willing and able to fight harder than ever before.

Join with us and FIGHT!


For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners