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The truth is, as I told you in my previous email, I believe 2018 is going to be a critical year for Second Amendment supporters here in Ohio.

Ohio is one of the states national anti-gun organizations have targeted as “ripe for a takeover” in 2018 to help them advance their 2020 presidential aspirations.

With the media doing all it can to drive up anti-gun hysteria after the recent horrors at the Texas church and Las Vegas, gun-grabbers think they have 2018 in the bag.

If they succeed in taking Ohio’s open Governor race — and pick off a few additional seats in our State Legislature on top of that — all bets could be off.

They’ll unleash their entire gun control agenda, including:

*** So-called “Universal Background Checks” (aka STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION). The ONLY way government can enforce such a scheme is to keep track of all guns and gun owners in the state. And as you and I both know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION!

*** A statewide “Assault Weapons Ban,” targeting handguns, rifles and shotguns — even those used for hunting — based on certain cosmetic features;

*** The Gag Act, which is designed to muzzle organizations like Ohio Gun Owners during election years by forcing us to jump through expensive bureaucratic hoops just to mention a candidate’s name and record during an election year!

While the events in Texas and Las Vegas have certainly made them more emboldened, the gun-grabbers’ typical scheme relies on sneaking their handpicked candidates through hotly contested primaries and General Elections while keeping their views on “controversial” issues like gun rights mostly hidden.

Instead, the Gun Control Lobby will advise their allies to “play it close to the vest,” mouthing nothing but poll-tested talking points on the campaign trail like, “I support the Second Amendment,” while also pledging support for “common sense gun safety.”

That’s why it’s so critical we EXPOSE them with public, roll-call votes on tough Second Amendment issues, including:

*** The Ohio Stand-Your-Ground Bill, which would simply state that law-abiding Ohio gun owners can defend themselves against attackers without fear of legal backlash from an anti-gun prosecutor or judge.

As it stands today, 49 states in country require prosecutors to disprove a self-defense claim in order to convict a law-abiding gun owner for standing up against criminal attack.

But in Ohio, the burden of proof rests on YOU to prove you acted reasonably! That’s why some experts say Ohio has the WORST self-defense laws in the country.

*** Constitutional Carry (HB201), which would restore the right of Ohio citizens to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families –- WITHOUT going through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole or paying expensive fees.

If you’re legal to own it, you’re legal to carry it. PERIOD.

Just in the past two years, Constitutional Carry has passed in Kansas, Maine, Idaho, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia, Mississippi and Missouri.

In Maine, it passed with a Democrat State Senate. In Missouri and West Virginia, it passed with a Democrat Governor. So there’s no reason why Constitutional Carry can’t soon be reality here.

The good news is, your action helped move Constitutional Carry to within one step of a full vote on the House floor in 2017.

In 2018, we’re going to keep up the pressure for Constitutional Carry while pushing Stand-Your-Ground as well.

The truth is, Ohio needs both. Desperately.

Those legislators who refuse to stand up for our Second Amendment freedoms will be held accountable with the biggest and baddest Candidate Survey Program Ohio Gun Owners has ever conducted.

That means — as the 2018 primaries and General Election heats up — Ohio Gun Owners is going to unload with hard-hitting U.S. Mail, email, social media, Internet and even radio ads if I can raise the resources.

In 2016, this program paid huge dividends as gun rights became the decisive issue in several of the most hotly-contested State House races throughout the state.

Of course, our brass-knuckled election year programs don’t always make us friends among the “insider” crowd in Columbus or in our anti-gun state media.

But we don’t care about being invited to the swanky cocktail parties in Columbus or getting nice articles written about us in the Dispatch.

We care about one thing, and one thing only. That’s the protection of our Second Amendment freedoms.

Of course, none of the work we do would be possible without your generous support. So I can’t bear to see you walk away now.

Not with so much at stake in 2018. Not with national anti-gun BILLIONAIRES targeting Ohio for a takeover. Not with the chance to move forward on Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground!

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For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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