We’re Fighting in Court for SAPA!

Joe Biden’s team of America-hating freaks in Washington wants to disarm and control every single person in this country.

But they never thought that ‘Red America’ would start pushing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which orders state and local authorities to ignore federal gun laws and instead, enforce state laws where firearms and ammunition are concerned.

Now that our sister organization in Missouri has blazed this trail and passed America’s strongest SAPA law, the White House is determined to crush it in court!

If Biden’s gaggle of wanna-be tyrants can’t stop Missouri’s SAPA law, it’s going to spread like wildfire across the country. 

That’s why Biden has told the Attorney General to join the lawsuit against SAPA in a Cole County, Missouri court, where the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City are trying to reverse SAPA law.

And that’s also why Ohio Gun Owners has just filed our own Amicus Brief in this case! If SAPA falls in Missouri, it will be much harder to pass SAPA here in Ohio. But if we win this case, we’ll carry that momentum right into this session! 

And I’m counting on your support, to make sure that Ohio Gun Owners can continue fighting in court to protect SAPA law.

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Our freedoms are on the line in a way that they haven’t been in my entire life. Ohio Gun Owners is fighting around the clock to defend freedom here in Ohio in the legislature and now in the courtroom!

Stand with us! Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to defend their right to defend themselves against tyranny!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Joe Biden is desperately trying to crush the Second Amendment Preservation Act in Missouri, knowing that if he fails, SAPA will spread across the country like wildfire!

The DOJ is actively joining a lawsuit against SAPA in Missouri, and that’s why Ohio Gun Owners has just filed our own Amicus Brief in this case — because what happens in Missouri has a direct impact on our fight to pass SAPA here in Columbus!  


Read our Amicus Brief above, and then donate as much as you can to help OGO fight to defend SAPA in court and to get it passed in the legislature this session!