We’re in position

With the national elections only a few weeks behind us, a lot has happened nationally and here in Ohio in the fight to defend and advance the Second Amendment.

And with a lot going on and with so many new gun owners joining our ranks, please read this overview of where we stand as the legislature convenes today in Columbus – and then take action!


No legislative year at the Ohio Statehouse happens in a vacuum, but rather as a continuation of the years that came before it.

Never has that concept been more true than today as we gavel in the 2017 session.

For several years, important pro-gun reforms like Constitutional Carry have been bottled at the Ohio Statehouse up by inaction, at best, in the committee process.

As you know, Constitutional Carry is the simple concept that if you’re legally able to own a gun, you’re legally able to carry a gun without begging government permission or paying a tax to do so.

And it’s already law in 11 states!

It doesn’t just whittle around the edges of the Second Amendment, either.

It’s a MAJOR restoration of Second Amendment Rights to hundreds of thousands of gun owners at a time, and its been on the move in legislatures across the country. . .

. . . except Ohio.

Bad Politics:

But it hasn’t been for lack of a legislator willing to sponsor it.

Right here in the Buckeye state, pro-gun stalwarts like State Representative Ron Hood have introduced Constitutional Carry many times only to see it ambushed by the committee process.


Because politicians have grown accustomed to walking softly around the gun issue, always afraid some gun-grabber might publish an article against them in the Columbus Dispatch.

So instead of joining the other 11 states that have already passed Constitutional Carry, instead they’ll  pass laws that affect small portions of the population, like active military members and their spouses.

Or, instead of fighting to eliminate gun-free zones on the public universities that have become target zones for ISIS terrorist wannabees, they instead decided to leave it up to the trustees to decide who and who cannot defend themselves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these were certainly small steps forward.

But that’s the point – they’re SMALL steps.

2017 needs to be a year of big leaps!

We can’t allow legislators to fall into old habits of doing the bare minimum and calling it a day.

They have this majority because of the work of gun owners, and there can be no more excuses.

Simply put: you and I cannot allow them to pass little pieces of legislation while not touching Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law.

What You Can Do:

After we gavel the new session in today, we’ll be giving you constant updates so you know when to call and email your legislators – insisting they cosponsor these bills.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry legislation right away!

We need to make sure we have as many signed petitions as possible to show the legislature how much grassroots support this legislation enjoys.Even if you’ve done this before, we need you to do it again as we’re kicking off a new year.

Once you’re through, I have to ask you to consider a generous contribution to help us launch our program in 2017 to mobilize as many gun owners as possible.

Whatever amount you can afford is greatly needed at this critical juncture, and will go right to the fight here in Ohio.


After a brutal Presidential election where gun-control was on the ballot in the form of Hillary Clinton, her brutal defeat in Ohio sent a clear message.

With state after state passing major pro-gun overhauls like Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground, the time is ripe for Ohio to follow suit.

But it won’t happen if we settle for crumbs!

And it won’t happen if you and I fail to remind our pro-gun majorities that gun owners expect them to keep their campaign promises.

This is our time to make it happen!

For Freedom

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. As we roll into the 2017 session of the Ohio General Assembly, there’s never been a better time to pass sweeping pro-gun reforms than now.
Hillary and Bloomberg were brutally defeated here in Ohio, along with the gun-control they advocated for.Gun owners re-elected pro-gun champs like Ron Hood and Nino Vitale and picked up additional pro-gunners like Candice Keller and Bill Dean.

Now isn’t the time for baby-steps, we can’t settle for crumbs. Gun owners have earned the right to see these bills pass into law. Don’t settle for less.

And please, sign your petition today in support of Constitutional Carry legislation!

Thank you for your continued support of the Second Amendment!

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