Who Will Fight for Gun Owners in Allen and Auglaize Counties (HD-78?)

Ohio Gun Owners has been working around the clock surveying legislative and Republican State Central Committee candidates across the state.

We asked them the same question: with the Second Amendment under non-stop attack, what will you do to fight to defend our right to keep and bear arms if elected to office? 

Over the last week, we’ve begun to broadcast the results of this program on our Facebook page, website, and Vimeo channel.

Our goal is simple: we want to get as much information as possible into the hands of OGO members and other gun owners so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision before casting your vote in the primary election.

Between now and election day, we’ll be releasing election guides via email as well, highlighting dozens of specific races where there is a clear difference between the candidates where your gun rights are concerned.

The race that we are highlighting in this report is House District 78 — covering all of Allen County and part of Auglaize County.

This race features two candidates who want to represent you in Columbus. And each of them are telling gun owners they are pro-gun.

One of the candidates surveyed 100% pro-gun, promising to not only defend our rights, but also to champion the fight to expand them! But another candidate has refused to fill out her OGO candidate survey…and we all know what that means.

For all of the details on this race, watch our video report now!

Now that you have the facts, I hope you’ll do two things immediately.

First, share this video on your social media platforms to help us get the word out to more gun owners, especially if you know gun owners in this district.

Second, please make a generous donation so that Ohio Gun Owners can get this information into the hands of as many gun owners as possible before tomorrow’s primary election


The fight for our precious Second Amendment has never been hotter here in Ohio! The liberal left has teamed up with the RINOs in Columbus and they are determined to hammer away at our gun rights until we’re the next New York.

This is our chance to fight back!

OGO is spending heavily right now on digital ads, direct mail, state of the art texting programs and more, trying to inform gun owners in dozens of targeted districts on where their candidates stand.

Please consider an immediate and generous donation to help us continue to fight for you! Whether you can give $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, or even just $10, I hope you’ll do so immediately!

Last, but not least, please share this information with all of your friends and family so they can make an informed decision at the polls tomorrow!

And whatever you do, go vote PRO-GUN tomorrow!

~~ Team OGO

P.S. To view the full OGO Legislative Primary Election Voter Guide, please click HERE.

P.S.S. Don’t forget to vote in the all-important Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Elections that are also happening tomorrow.

To see why it is so important and to view our State Central Committee Voter Guide, click HERE.