Yesterday’s Election Victories and the road ahead

Gun voters flooded the polls yesterday and scored BIG WINS in our fight for freedom here at Ohio Gun Owners!

From legislative primary elections to Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee slots, gun owners triggered a wave of ballot-box success unlike anything that has been seen in Ohio for many, many years.

And Christy, the thanks belongs to YOU!

For the first time since Ohio Gun Owners (OGO) got started just a couple of years ago, we extended our hard-hitting election advocacy operations from exclusively General-Assembly-focused to include the Republican State Central Committee elections.

OGO filmed countless videos highlighting the differences between the candidates on our gun rights, and thanks to your financial help, OGO placed ads in every corner of the state that were seen by hundreds of THOUSANDS of identified gun-rights supporters.

And quite frankly, it was a smashing success.

For too long, gun owners like you and me have been stabbed in the back by the politicians, the spouses of politicians, the lobbyists and the life-long party loyalists that composed the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee.

And the way that planted those knives in our backs was by ‘Endorsing’ their quisling, cherry-picked noodle-spined candidates and helping them win the primary elections and shut out real, patriotic, God-fearing, America-loving candidates who want to FIGHT for Ohio!

Sometimes worse, they often would refuse to strip endorsements or funding away from backstabbing traitors within the Republican party ranks who betray our gun rights, and instead spent donor dollars – dollars that should be spent on defeating the radical left Democrats – on beating down real grassroots conservatives!

But Ohio Gun Owners’ army of mobilized gun voters has become strong and politically powerful: times are changing.

And this is 2022 – our gun rights, our culture, our heritage, our national pride are under assault like we’ve never seen.

So when the starting gun was fired yesterday morning at 6:30am when the polls opened, gun owners came out of the gates swinging, just like we suspected you would.

And before I get into some of the specific victories that were won yesterday, I wanted to highlight the message that was sent to the Ohio Republican Establishment yesterday:

“We demand that you stand up and fight against the Communist Left with every bone in your body if you get elected, and if you do not, you will be replaced.”

Yesterday you proved to them that you will do just that, FIRST NAME, and we could not be more proud.

Here are some of the victories:

Ohio House of Representatives Primary Election

House District 61

100% OGO Rated Beth Lear – VICTORIOUS!

In one of the biggest upsets of the night, gun voters in Delaware and Knox counties won BIG yesterday with the nomination of Beth Lear! A well-known firebrand for conservatism in Ohio, Lear eagerly filled out the OGO survey 100% pro-gun and is chomping at the bit to lead the fight for gun rights in Columbus. A proud Ohio Gun Owners member, Beth Lear’s election sent chills through the spines of the highest levels of government last night.

Appointed Incumbent Rep. Shawn Stevens – DEFEATED!

Beth Lear sent incumbent-by-appointment Representative Shawn Stevens packing. Shawn did NOT fill out our candidate survey and, as a known financial backer of anti-gun former Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, gun voters relieved him of the burden of public service and removed him from office.

House District 68

100% OGO Rated Thad Claggett – VICTORIOUS!

In a HUGE upset for the Establishment, gun owners and gun rights supporters in Licking County won BIG yesterday with the nomination of Thad Claggett! Claggett filled out the OGO Legislative Candidate Survey 100% pro-gun, and gun owners rewarded his pro-gun positions by electing him the Republican nominee for HD68. Thad promises to be a fighter for the Second Amendment in Columbus, and that’s music to our ears!

Incumbent Rep. Mark Fraizer – DEFEATED!

Gun voters sent Fraizer’s political career to the ashbin of Ohio history after Fraizer not only REFUSED to fill out his candidate survey, but also lying to the voters about sponsoring legislation that would’ve attempted to force Ohio Gun Owners to turn in our donor lists so that our members can be doxed!

We’ll crawl over broken glass in the fires of hell before we’ll ever disclose the patriotic members of Ohio Gun Owners, but we watched in pure seraphic glee as the voters planted his political aspirations six-feet-under.

House District 84

100% OGO Rated Angie King – VICTORIOUS!

Gun voters in Darke, Mercer and Auglaize County scored a huge win yesterday with the nomination of Angie King!

Angie was the only candidate in this open House seat to sign, seal, and deliver her candidate survey 100% in favor of our gun rights. Angie promises to be a fighter for the Second Amendment in Columbus, so the voters of House District 84 showed up at the polls and picked her to be their Republican nominee.

House District 65

100% OGO Rated Mike Loychik – VICTORIOUS!

Gun voters in Trumbull and Ashtabula County hit another home run last night and decided to send incumbent Representative Mike Loychik to Columbus for a repeat of his last performance, which is no surprise. Loychik not only surveyed 100% on his OGO survey, he is also OGO’s bill sponsor for the Second Amendment Preservation Act that derails federal gun-control laws or executive orders by stopping its implementation by Ohio law enforcement!

House District 46

100% OGO Rated Thomas Hall – VICTORIOUS!

Gun owners and gun rights supporters in Butler County won BIG yesterday with the nomination of incumbent Thomas Hall! Hall not only filled out the OGO survey 100% pro-gun, Hall sponsored the bill that was passed making it legal for qualified, trained school staff to level the playing field with school killers!

But these weren’t the only victories that gun owners celebrated last night

In House District 47 (Butler County) Sara Carruthers won the Republican nomination for State Representative and was rewarded by the voters after she signed the OGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun!

In House District 53 (Lorain County) 100% OGO survey signer Marty Gallagher cruised to victory in his primary election for Republican nominee!

In House District 56 (Warren County) Adam Mathews came out ahead in his primary election – another 100% pro-gun candidate for the Statehouse!

In House District 67 (Ashland and Medina County), Melanie Miller, who signed the OGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun was victorious in her primary election!

In House District 85 (Champaign, Logan and Shelby County) OGO survey signer Tim Barhorst won his primary election for nomination to the Statehouse!

Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Elections

Senate District 1 Committeeman:
>>> 100% OGO Rated Tony Schroeder

Senate District 5 Committeewoman:
>>> 100% OGO Rated Jessica Franz

Senate District 12 Committeewoman:
>>> 100% OGO Rated Stephanie Kremer

Senate District 19
>>> 100% OGO Rated Melanie Leneghan & Gary James

Senate District 20 Committeewoman:

Last but certainly not least 100% OGO Rated challenger and survey signer Sabrina Warner dethroned anti-gun crone Betty Montgomery for a seat on the State Central Committee!

A firebrand candidate and fighter for freedom, Sabrina promises gun owners to fight for our Second Amendment on the State Central Committee and NOT endorse candidates in contested primary elections!

Betty Montgomery (below) exemplifies everything that is wrong with the Ohio Republican Party and the corruption that exists at the State Central Committee. Montgomery has been in elected politics since 1981 when she ran for Wood County Prosecutor, was elected to the State Senate and has been elected to statewide office as the State Auditor and State Attorney General.

Not only that, but ‘ole Nasty Betty is the President of the State Medical Board (a position appointed by DeWine) and Director at JobsOhio, another executive agency.

And if you were wondering, YES, this is the same Betty Montgomery that has been attacking gun rights for YEARS. Once quoted as saying she would “never be the candidate of the NRA, and I’m fine with that. I don’t want their endorsement,” she one time said that she didn’t want to live in a country where people carry firearms for self-defense.

Sabrina Warner’s victory over Betty Montgomery sent a message to the political establishment that gun rights are a mandatory requirement if you wish to remain in the Republican party, and if you don’t, you’ll pay the piper at the ballot box.

General Election and Beyond

We have a lot to celebrate!

Gun owners executed a massive power-play yesterday, and the 135th General Assembly will have more and better pro-gun fighters than ever before.

And that’s a good thing, because Ohio Gun Owners is gearing up to absolutely wreck the unholy alliance of RINOs and Leftists who are pushing for Red Flag Gun Confiscation at the Statehouse.

If you’ve been waiting to become a member of Ohio Gun Owners, there has never been a better time to join the movement and become part of our grassroots army.

We are racking up the political wins left and right, and they are only going to get bigger and more beautiful as the OGO army increases in size.

Next stop? House Bill 62, the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

Buckle up!

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners