June 2017

Constitutional Carry Needs Your Help, Web!

We’ve got to keep up the pressure to pass Constitutional Carry through the House Federalism committee! Read below for the ACTION ALERT. But first, as I’m sure you already saw, on Saturday evening in London, Islamic terrorists used a van to mow down innocent civilians. After crashing into a bus stop, they lunged out and started slashing bystanders with knives, murdering seven and hospitalizing forty-eight. Monday morning (yesterday) in Orlando, a

Guess who just set up shop in Ohio?

They’re here. On Thursday afternoon, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly announced the launch of a new, Ohio-based gun-control group, the “Ohio Coalition for Common Sense.” Kelly, who flew to Columbus for the event, says their new Ohio group will focus on advocating for more background checks. . . . . . just like they are doing in seven other strategic states across the country. To be