Progress: Constitutional Carry Moving Across America!

Texas legislators want to call a special session to pass it.

North Carolina voted it through their House yesterday.

The Wisconsin Senate had their first public hearing on it just last week.

And our neighbors in Michigan are making us look bad by passing it through committee and sending it to the House for a full vote.

It” is Constitutional Carry, it’s on the move across the country, and it isn’t letting up anytime soon!

Constitutional Carry is the simple idea that if you are legal to possess a firearm, you are legal to carry it for any lawful purpose without needing permission from the government.

But Ohio’s Constitutional Carry bill, H.B. 201 by Rep. Ron Hood, is still in the House Federalism Committee.

And we need to get it out – soon.

You see, the legislature is scheduled to go on summer break in just a few short weeks.

We need to do everything we can to make sure it makes it out of committee so that we can focus on the full House when they come back after summer break.

That’s why I’m asking you to do three things right now.

▶▶ First, please sign your petition in support for Constitutional Carry (click the petition image below).

We’re collecting as many thousands of these as possible from gun owners in every corner of the state.

I hope your petition is in that pile!

We will deliver the signed petitions to key members of the legislature to make sure they know gun owners across Ohio support this same legislation that is sweeping America.

▶▶ Next, I need to ask for your generous contribution as well.

We are mobilizing gun owners statewide through direct mail, social media and emails because the more people we can bring into this fight the more successful we will all be.

But our mobilization efforts take time and money.

Resources are something the “gun-rights crowd” doesn’t have as much of as do Bloomberg’s militants.

It is no secret that Bloomberg strokes massive, tens-of-million-dollar checks at a crack to make sure his gun-hating agenda is pressed at every front.

So if you can afford a $500 contribution, that’s wonderful.

If you can afford a $100 contribution, that’s wonderful.

And if you can afford a $10 contribution, that’s wonderful.

And if you can afford a contribution anywhere in between, we gratefully appreciate your support.

▶▶ Please forward this email on to your friends and family.

The battle over maintaining or losing our Second Amendment freedoms is a battle of numbers.

Once their side has the numbers, they will not hesitate to take them away.

So the more people we can get involved in the battle right here in Ohio the more confident you can be that our gun rights will be intact for generations to come!

Please take action today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and yes, even MICHIGAN are working overtime right now to pass Constitutional Carry.

We need to keep up the pressure to pass it here in Ohio, too.

So please sign the petition to your representative to pass Constitutional Carry in Ohio, and when you are done, please agree to your most generous contribution TODAY!

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