Happy Independence Day from Ohio Gun Owners!

Happy Independence Day from the board of Ohio Gun Owners!

On this day, 242 years ago, our nation adopted it’s Declaration of Independence, telling England (the world’s largest superpower!) that we would be a sovereign nation forever more.

During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all-out war with England.

Hearing that everyday men and women were arming themselves, the British commander sent troops to seize the weapons, sparking the battle of Concord which only accelerated the rush to the War for Independence.

While that took place almost 250 years ago, we still have gun grabbers in this country seeking to put an end to private ownership of weapons that you and I use for self-defense.

But thankfully, we still have people willing to take action to defend their right to defend themselves, too!

That is our mission here at Ohio Gun Owners.

And thanks to your support, Ohio Gun Owners is the largest state-based gun rights organization in Ohio, leading the fight to defend and enhance our gun rights in our Statehouse.

As the battle to defend our Second Amendment in the Columbus rages, I know we’ve asked a lot of you over the last couple of weeks.

All of your calls, emails, and facebook messages to your legislators have stalled and blocked Kasich’s gun-control omnibus bill, HB585!

Nervous anti-gun incumbent Representatives now have two options to choose from:

1) Do we back Governor Kasich’s desperate attacks on the Second Amendment he’s launching in his bid to run against President Trump?

2) Or do we vote for pro-gun legislation in an attempt to avoid retribution from mobilized Ohio gun owners in future elections?

The fact is, your pressure is working.

This fight is far from over, however, and we will be asking much more of you in the weeks ahead as we gear up for Lame Duck Session.

But in the meantime, we want to say thank you for your activism by announcing our first-ever gun giveaway!

In fact, thanks to several generous donors, Ohio Gun Owners is pleased to announce that we are giving away one of the guns that Kasich HATES the most – an LWRC International IC-SPR AR15 in 5.56 NATO!

Make no mistake about it, Governor Kasich would outlaw this gun in a Bloomberg Minute if he could get the votes for SB260.

That’s why we’re giving away this “scary,” “black,” “tactical” sporting rifle — in Kasich’s honor!

And we aren’t going cheap, either. From the manufacturer:

Constructed using the highest quality materials, built on our patented self-regulating short-stroke gas piston system, machined from materials that belong to the super alloy family of steel alloys most often used in aerospace, LWRCI™ raises the bar on reliability and ease of maintenance- delivering the highest level of performance. The gas-piston system can be accessed quickly by loosening two thumb screws.

The IC-SPR with one-piece Monoforge™ upper design includes an integrated rail-base that is stronger and lighter.  The 12” user configurable rail system with individual rail sections allow the shooter to place accessory rails where they are needed while maintaining its low profile ergonomic fit and function.

Dual Control fully ambidextrous lower receiver includes bolt catch and release, magazine release and fire control access from both sides of the IC-SPR.  LWRCI™ Enhanced Fire Control Group comes standard.  Our investment castings are x-rayed for imperfections and nickel-boron coated for a smooth crisp trigger pull with positive reset.

Our IC-SPR uses LWRCI™ manufactured- NiCorr treated cold Hammer Forged spiral fluted barrel that are 20% lighter than unfluted barrels of the same diameter.  The increased surface area reduces heat – speeds up cooling.  Nickel-boron coated bolt carrier delivers unparalleled wear resistance, corrosion resistance and permanent lubricity.

The LWRCI™ IC-SPR comes complete with, LWRCI Skirmish™ Back Up Iron Sights, Ambidextrous Charging Handle, LWRCI™ Adjustable Compact Stock, Magpul™ MOE+ Grip and LWRCI™ High Efficiency 4-Prong Flash Hider.

But we aren’t just giving away the rifle that Governor Kasich and Representative Mike Henne hate.

That’s why we’re throwing in an LWRCI folding vertical grip and a PAIR of 60-round drum magazines – all totally FREE!

If you wanted to buy this gas-piston AR15 and accessories at your local dealer, this combo would set you back a cool $2,450!

And if we left it up to Governor Kasich, owning this exact firearm and these exact magazines would make you a FELON here in Ohio!

That’s why I hope you register to win this firearm and then encourage all of your friends to do the same.

Whatever happens in the upcoming lame-duck session of our legislature, one thing is certain: Ohio Gun Owners will aggressively be about the business of exposing anti-gun legislators in targeted districts, tilling the ground for the next elections.

We need to mobilize as many gun owners as possible to be successful in making gun grabbers in Columbus pay a price for their betrayal of our gun rights.

Gun giveaways like this one are a great way of doing that.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign up to win this incredible rifle combo right now!

The registration window will close on this incredible giveaway at midnight on July 31st, 2018, and the drawing will take place by COB August 3, 2018.

Gun activists like you and me have worked hard over the last couple of years to install “pro-gun majorities” in our Ohio General Assembly only to be betrayed with the advance of gun-control.

Help us hold them accountable for their actions by mobilizing as many gun activists as possible going into the lame duck session by signing up for this incredible giveaway and encouraging all your pro-gun friends to do the same thing.

Good Luck!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. As a thank you to all of your hard work and grassroots activism so far in the 2018 legislative session, Ohio Gun Owners is giving away an LWRC International IC-SPR AR15 to one lucky Ohioan!

But it gets better.

As incredible as this gas-piston operated AR15 is, we are also giving away an LWRCI folding vertical grip and a PAIR of Magpul 60-round drum magazines as well!

There’s only one way to win this rifle combo that Governor Kasich hates so much, and that’s by registering below – so sign up right away!

Once you’re finished, be sure and tell your friends!

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