We’re giving away the “assault weapon” that Governor Kasich HATES!

Governor Kasich hates them.

Representative Mike Henne fears them.

Mike Bloomberg spends millions to outlaw them.

And the lyin’ Moms Demand Action lobby to make you a felon for owning them.

That’s why we thought that we would give away an LWRC International piston-operated AR15 AND a pair of Magpul 60-round drum magazines to one lucky Ohioan – ABSOLUTELY FREE

Teaming up with our friends over at L.E.P.D. Firearms and Range in Columbus, we’re giving away an LWRC International IC-SPR (for those of you gunnies, the exact model # is the ICR5CK16SPR)!

But we wanna make sure Big Gun-Control Bloomberg and Kasich know how we really feel about their assaults on our Rights.

So we’re throwing in an LWRCI folding vertical grip and a PAIR of 60-round drum magazines – all totally scary, and all totally FREE!

All told, this combo is would set you back $2,450+!!

The deadline to enter is midnight on the July 31st, there’s only one way to enter and that’s by clicking this image below and signing up!

Don’t wait – enter now!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr 

Executive Director

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