Mike DeWine Signs HB86 Into Law!

Mike DeWine Signs HB86 Into Law!

This afternoon, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 86 into law in his ceremonial office at the Ohio Statehouse!

His signature comes as the culmination of the hard work of the thousands of gun owners like you across Ohio who took action and contacted your state representative, state senator and the Governor’s office!

With the signing of House Bill 86, firearms like the Mossberg Shockwave, the Remington Tac-13 V3 and the Remington Tac-14 are now legal to own and possess in the state of Ohio!

More importantly, House Bill 86’s emergency clause language goes into effect immediately and prevents last year’s HB228 from classifying AR15’s and many commonly-owned firearms from becoming classified as “dangerous ordnance” when its enactment date of March 28th comes around.

The credit for the speed at which our General Assembly passed this fix into law is due to one entity only – the thousands of members of Ohio Gun Owners!

➜ Nearly 174,000 gun owners across Ohio watched the Ohio Gun Owners videos explaining the issue and recommended action items.

➜ Over 37,700 law-abiding gun owners sent emails to their own specific legislators demanding action.

➜ Thousands more took the time to pick up their phone and call their elected representatives, with additional gun owners even Tweeting their legislators and demanding action!

That’s what Ohio Gun Owners is all about.

We exist to serve one entity, and one entity only: our members and supporters.

Ohio Gun Owners is a grassroots mobilization organization and we work hard to equip our grassroots membership like you with the tools you need to effectively fight for gun rights on your own behalf!

Today, that organizational approach paid big dividends, and we have every confidence it will continue to pay dividends for our future.

OGO rejects the idea we need a slick lobbyist going around on bended knee begging for our gun rights.

And we reject the idea we need to cut backroom deals or water down our own legislation in order to appease anti-gun special interest groups!

Equipping and mobilizing gun owners by the tens of thousands to lobby for themselves is a proven, steady approach that we’re excited to build upon.

As we get ready to build on our momentum for the rest of the 133rd General Assembly, we look forward to passing fabulous bills like Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry!

And as you have already seen, the more people we have involved in this fight the more successful you and I will be.

So if you’re not already a member of Ohio Gun Owners, please become one today!

If you are already a member and you want to help increase the size of the army of gun owners fighting with us, please consider an additional contribution to help that effort.

We’re going to work immediately, relentlessly, battling to pass pro-gun legislation right away.

Thank you so much for standing with us in this fight!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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Ohio Gun Owners is organized as a 501(c)(4) organization under IRS code and contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.


  1. I sent the emails, and I’m not even a gun owner, yet! Gotta’ get my arsenal together, tho’, before 180k immigrants have flooded into our country! They won’t make it far into my property, if they attempt to invade!

    Thanks to everyone who cares enough to protect all of us! I will start looking into ownership, very soon!

    God bless America!


  2. As a person on a Disability for Spinal Birth Defects and 3 major surgeries to revise each past surgery from L-2 to S-1 , What rights do I have, to be able to own a Gun? Has this ever been addressed,because I frequently see where people who have been arrested under disabilities,for having a gun in their possession. I need to know what the Law is concern this. Just because people have a disability or drawing a disability,should not deny them the same protection as someone who is not disabled. If you are Mentally Impaired, threaten harm to self or another person or being in an abusive mental state where you’ve lost all reasoning,that would be of concern and understandable. Please make the Laws clear as to what persons are allowed to own a gun. Please do not ignore this question,I need to know what the Laws are concerning this. Thank you ,Julie Bayes


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