2022 Ohio General Election Voter Guides

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2022 Ohio House of Representatives Voter Guide

House District Candidates Positive Voting Record/Survey
03 VIDEO J. Josiah Lanning (R)
Ismail Mohamed (D)
05 VIDEO Ronald Beach IV (R)
Richard Brown (D)
12 Brian Stewart (R)
14 VIDEO Jolene Austin (R)
Sean Brennan (D)
17 VIDEO Tom Patton (R)
Troy Greenfield (D)
27 VIDEO Jenn Giroux (R)
Rachel Baker
30 Bill Seitz (R) ✘✘*
Alissa Mayhaus (D)
31 VIDEO Bill Roemer (R)
Rita Darrow (D)
32 VIDEO Bob Young (R)
Matt Shaughnessy (D)
33 Kristopher Anderson (R)
Tavia Galonski (D)
36 Andrea White (R) *
Addison Caruso (D)
37 Tom Young (R)
39 Phil Plummer (R)
Leronda Jackson (D)
40 Rodney Creech (R)
Amy Cox (D)
41 VIDEO Josh Williams (R)
Nancy Larson (D)
42 VIDEO Derek Merrin (R)
Erika White (D)
45 VIDEO Jennifer Gross (R)
Chuck Horn (D)
46 VIDEO Thomas Hall (R)
Lawrence Mulligan (D)
47 VIDEO Sara Carruthers (R)
Sam Lawrence (D)
48 Scott Oelslager (R)
David Smith (D)
50 Reggie Stoltzfus (R)
51 Brett Hudson Hillyer (R)
52 Gayle Manning (R)
Regan Phillips (D)
53 VIDEO Marty Gallagher (R)
Joe Miller (D)
54 Dick Stein (R)
Bryan Burgess (D)
55 Scott Lipps (R)
Paul Zorn (D)
56 Adam Mathews (R)
Joy Bennett (D)
57 VIDEO Jamie Callender (R)
Evan Rosborough (D)
58 Al Cutrona (R) ✘✘*
Bruce Neff (D)
60 Kris Jordan (R)
61 VIDEO Beth Lear (R)
Louise Valentine (D)
62 Jean Schmidt (R)
Brian Flick (D)
63 Adam Bird (R)
Richard Perry (D)
65 Mike Loychik (R)
Jennifer Donnelly (I)
66 Sharon Ray (R)
Christina Collins (D)
67 Melanie Miller (R)
Drew Burge (D)
68 Thad Claggett (R)
69 Kevin Miller (R)
Charlotte Owens (D)
70 Brian Lampton (R)
Eric Price (D)
71 VIDEO Bill Dean (R)
James Duffee (D)
72 VIDEO Gail Pavliga (R)
Kathleen Clyde (D)
73 Jeff LaRe (R)
75 Haraz Ghanbari (R)
Jan Materni (D)
76 Marilyn John (R)
77 VIDEO Scott Wiggam (R)
Mark Gooch (D)
78 Susan Manchester (R)
80 Jena Powell Baron (R)
81 Jim Hoops (R)
83 VIDEO Jon Cross (R)
Claire Osborne (D)
84 VIDEO Angela King (R)
Sophia Rodriguez (D)
85 Tim Barhorst (R)
86 Tracy Richardson (R)
Barbara Luke (D)
87 Riordan McClain (R)
88 Gary Click (R)
Dianne Selvey (D)
89 D.J. Swearingen (R)
Jim Obergefell (D)
90 Brian Baldridge (R)
Andrew Dodson (D)
91 Bob Peterson (R)
92 Mark Johnson (R)
93 Jason Stephens (R)
94 VIDEO Jay Edwards (R)
Tanya Conrath (D)
95 Don Jones (R) ✘✘*
William Ryan (D)
96 VIDEO Ron Ferguson (R)
Charlie DiPalma (D)
97 Adam Holmes (R)
98 Darrell Kick (R)
99 VIDEO Sarah Fowler (R)
Kathy Zappitello (D)

* This Republican actively worked against, attempted to block, spoke against in caucus or watered down Ohio Gun Owners priority legislation.


2022 Ohio Senate Voter Guide

Senate District Candidates Positive Vote Record/Survey
01 Rob McColley (R)
03 VIDEO Michele Reynolds (R)
Tina Maharath (D)
05 Stephen Huffman (R)
07 Steve Wilson (R)
David Dallas (D)
13 Nathan Manning (R)
Anthony Eliopoulos (D)
17 Shane Wilkin (R) ✘✘*
Garry Boone (D)
19 VIDEO Andrew Brenner (R)
Heather Swiger (D)
21 Mikhail Alterman (R)
Kent Smith (D)
23 Landry Simmons, Jr. (R)
Nickie Antonio (D)
25 Chandler Wysocki (R)
William DeMora (D)
27 VIDEO Kristina Roegner (R)
Patricia Goetz (D)
29 Kirk Schuring (R)
33 VIDEO Michael Rulli (R)
Bob Hagan (D)

* This Republican actively worked against, attempted to block, spoke against in caucus or watered down Ohio Gun Owners priority legislation.


2022 U.S. Senate Voter Guide

Survey Results
J.D. Vance (R)
Tim Ryan (D)


2022 Gubernatorial Voter Guide

Candidates Survey Results
Mike DeWine (R) ﹖﹖﹖
Nan Whaley (D)


2022 Supreme Court Voter Guide

Seat Candidates Rating/Positive 2A Opinions
Chief Justice Sharon Kennedy (R)
Jennifer Brunner (D)
Associate Justice Pat Fischer (R)
Terri Jamison (D)
Associate Justice Pat DeWine (R)
Marilyn Zayas (D)


Tremendous freedoms hang in the balance in these elections, and all eyes across America are focused on what happens here.

The Ohio General Assembly elections are critical as Ohio Gun Owners gears up to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act and to block Red Flag Gun Confiscation from being passed into law.

On the federal level, Tim Ryan promises to nuke the filibuster, pack the United States Supreme Court and back Chuck Schumer’s full-court press to outlaw the AR15, register all remaining firearms and their owners in a national database, pass National Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws and militarize the ATF against the American people.

JD Vance filled out his Ohio Gun Owners candidate survey 100% pro-gun, answered every question correctly and promised to fight AGAINST the gun-control agenda in Washington DC.

When it comes to the race to be the Governor of Ohio for the next four years, Nan Whaley is committed to completely disarming Ohio gun owners.

And nobody in Ohio has been a bigger critic of Governor Mike DeWine than the leadership, members and supporters of Ohio Gun Owners.

When Mike DeWine wanted to ban AR15’s and 30 round magazines after the Dayton killings in 2019, OGO’s grassroots army instead forced him to sign Stand-Your-Ground into law. When DeWine wanted to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation by burying it in the budget appropriation, OGO’s grassroots army forced it to be removed and instead forced DeWine to sign Constitutional Carry.

When it comes to the race for the Ohio Supreme Court, gun rights, baby murder, and redistricting are all on the line.

The Radical Left is spending BIG money to flip the Court by electing Terri Jamison and Marilyn Zayas so they can:

  • Rule by judicial fiat, redefining what the ‘”right to bear arms” means, so they can criminalize the ownership of our AR15s and Ruger 10/22s.
  • Control the redistricting of Ohio House and Senate districts, so anti-gun commies can swarm our General Assembly – making it near impossible to pass major pro-gun bills and defeat gun-control bills like Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

To make matters worse, the anti-gun communist only need to pick up ONE seat, and then they will have a 4-3 majority on the court – allowing them to set their agenda to destroy our freedom and Ohio in motion.

Who should you vote for? That’s your decision to make, and Ohio Gun Owners stands ready, willing and able to tackle every scenario that comes as the result of these elections.

But on November 8th, go to the polls and vote PRO-GUN!