2022 OGO Gubernatorial Voter Guide

Candidates Survey Results
Mike DeWine (R) ﹖﹖﹖
Nan Whaley (D)

When it comes to the race to be the Governor of Ohio for the next four years, Nan Whaley is committed to completely disarming Ohio gun owners.

And nobody in Ohio has been a bigger critic of Governor Mike DeWine than the leadership, members and supporters of Ohio Gun Owners.

When Mike DeWine wanted to ban AR15’s and 30 round magazines after the Dayton killings in 2019, OGO’s grassroots army instead forced him to sign Stand-Your-Ground into law. When DeWine wanted to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation by burying it in the budget appropriation, OGO’s grassroots army forced it to be removed and instead forced DeWine to sign Constitutional Carry.

Who should you vote for? That’s your decision to make, and Ohio Gun Owners stands ready, willing and able to tackle every scenario that comes as the result of these elections.

But on November 8th, go to the polls and vote PRO-GUN!