2022 Ohio Gun Owners Legislative Primary Voter Guide

The candidates gun owners pick in the August 2nd legislative primary election – the majority of which will go on victory in the November elections and represent us in Columbus – mean more today than it ever has in our lifetimes.

America, and Ohio, are at a cultural crossroads, a crossroads which many civilizations and cultures have been at before.

As a nation and as a state, which direction we go from here can spiral quickly into Communism, death and destruction of our culture on the one hand, and skyrocketing back to a free, Constitutional Republic.

One of the quickest ways for the Hate-America Left to undo our country is to topple the mighty Second Amendment, which stands as a bulwark against lawless tyrants achieving total power.

We know that, here at Ohio Gun Owners. That’s why we exist.

And who gun owners pick on August 2nd to be their Republican nominees will very likely determine the fate of gun bills that will have massive ramifications on Ohio:

  • Will massive policy gains like the Second Amendment Preservation Act or enhancement of our lackluster Constitutional Carry and Stand-your-Ground laws get passed into law or tossed in the trash?
  • Will 2023 be the year that the anti-gun RINOS in Columbus complete their betrayal and join with the Marxist Democrats to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation?

These questions will be answered on August 2nd, because these primaries will decide if we are going to have FIGHTERS for freedom or total RINOs and gun-grabbing Democrats in Columbus.

There’s a lot on the line in this election. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

But the good news is, with turnout predicted to be at an all-time, historical low due to the bifurcated primary Ohio is having this time around (where we already had the Gubernatorial and US Senate primaries in May), gun owners can make MAXIMUM impact at the polls on August 2nd.

That’s why it is so important that you find out if candidates running to represent YOU in Columbus have filled out our Ohio Gun Owners Candidate Questionnaire or not.

(Find out what legislative districts you live in by clicking here.)

We asked each of the candidates a series of 12 questions regarding our gun rights that they will face if elected.

To see a copy of the questions that we asked each of the candidates, click here.

Candidates for Ohio House of Representatives
NOTE: Only candidates who are in a competitive primary in which at least one candidate has completed our survey 100% pro-gun are listed below:

House District 14

David Morgan:            100% Rated
Jolene Austin:              100% Rated

House District 17

Ryan McClain:            100% Rated
Tom Patton:                DENIED

House District 28VIDEO

Kim Georgeton:         100% Rated
Chris Monzel:             DENIED

House District 43

Kristi Kille:                  100% Rated
Wendi Hendricks:      DENIED

House District 46VIDEO

Thomas Hall:              100% Rated
Matt King:                   DENIED

House District 47

Cody Harper:               100% Rated
Sara Carruthers:         100% Rated

House District 53

Marty Gallagher:         100% Rated
Sarah McGervey:         DENIED

House District 55

Thomas Goodwin:      100% Rated
Scott Lipps:                   DENIED

House District 56

Adam Mathews:         100% Rated
Kathy Grossman:       100% Rated

House District 61VIDEO

Beth Lear:                   100% Rated
Shawn Stevens:          DENIED

House District 65VIDEO

Mike Loychik:            100% Rated
Randy Law:                DENIED

House District 67

Terry Robertson:         100% Rated
Ron Falconi:                 100% Rated
Melanie Miller:            100% Rated   

House District 68VIDEO

Thad Claggett:            100% Rated
Mark Frazier:               DENIED

House District 70VIDEO

Katherine Shutte:        100% Rated
Brian Lampton:            DENIED

House District 78VIDEO

J.J. Sreenan:                  100% Rated
Susan Manchester:     DENIED

House District 84VIDEO

Angela King:              100% Rated
Aimee Morrow:          DENIED
Jacob Larger:              DENIED

House District 85VIDEO

Lilli Vitale:                  100% Rated
Tim Barhorst:            100% Rated
Rochiel Foulk:            DENIED

House District 86VIDEO

Michael Bohland:       100% Rated
Tracy Richardson:       DENIED

House District 90

Calvin Robinson:       100% Rated
Brian Baldridge:         DENIED

House District 98VIDEO

Scott Pullins:             100% Rated
Darrell Kick:               DENIED

Candidates for Ohio State Senate
NOTE: Only candidates who are in a competitive primary in which at least one candidate has completed our survey 100% pro-gun are listed below:

Senate District 13

Kirsten Hill:                   100% Rated
Nathan Manning:        DENIED

If you see one of your candidates listed above out on the campaign trail, THANK THEM for being 100% pro-gun!

But, if a candidate in your district is not listed above and you see them out on the campaign trail, make sure you tell them to apologize to gun owners for refusing to answer the OGO candidate survey and hiding their positions from gun owners.

Last, but not least, please share this information with all of your friends and family so they can make an informed decision at the polls on August 2nd!

And whatever you do, go vote PRO-GUN on Tuesday!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Don’t forget to vote in the all-important Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Elections that are also happening on August 2nd.

To see why it is so important and to view our State Central Committee Voter Guide, click HERE.