2022 Republican State Central Committee Election Guide!

Gun owners have a chance to hit a grand slam in the August 2nd elections, so mark your calendars to go vote. More on that in a minute.

But first, what if I told you that arguably the most important political entity in Ohio is probably one that you’ve never heard of, and one which wields immense power over the Ohio General Assembly and statewide offices?

It’s true.

And for those of you who already guessed it, you’re RIGHT: I’m talking about the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee.

What is it and why should you care about it?

Chris teamed up with current State Central Committee Woman, Melanie Leneghan to explain everything:

Simply put, the Republican State Central Committee controls the levers of Republican political power in Ohio.

They decide which candidates get endorsed BEFORE the primary elections happen, or rather, before We the People choose who WE want representing us.

And then they go to work sell their hand-picked, establishment candidates to you and the rest of the voters as the ‘endorsed Republican’- deceiving you as to who the real pro-gun (or pro-life, pro-freedom, etc) candidates are!

Not only that, but once a candidate is endorsed by the State Central Committee, they get access to discounted mailing rates, massive stacks of cash for their coffers and an army of GOP operatives to help run their campaigns.

And often, the members of this committee are spouses of politicians, lobbyists, or RINO swamp monsters that have been in there way too long!

One of the most infamous and notorious examples of this abuse happened in 2018, when the ORP’s State Central Committee endorsed Mike DeWine and effectively shut out 100% pro-gun Mary Taylor way before the Republican grassroots had the chance to vote in the 2018 Gubernatorial Republican Primary elections, paving the way for DeWine’s tyrannical rule.

Make no mistake, the members of the Republican State Central Committee who voted to endorse Mike DeWine are responsible for all the shutdowns, mask mandates, business closures, and Republican sponsored gun control push that followed from the moment he was endorsed by the State Central Committee.

Some have asked, “Isn’t the Republican party supposed to be about ‘conserving’ freedom and defeating Democrats, not fellow Republicans?”

We are glad you asked.

In order to combat this corrupt system, Ohio Gun Owners has surveyed the candidates running for the Republican State Central Committee, and we will be posting the results of our survey program very soon.

Gun owners and gun rights supporters should not only “have a voice” on this committee, but quite frankly, they should RUN this entire committee. 

To make things fair again, for starters, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee needs to stop picking RINO Establishment losers and stay the hell out of contested Republican primary elections so that gun voters across Ohio can fairly vet each candidate on merit!

That’s why it’s so important that you know what Senate district you are in, find out who the candidates are, and vote PRO-GUN on August 2.

If you don’t know what Senate district you live in:

  1. Click HERE.
  2. And then either type in your address in the box at the top of the page, OR Click the purple button at the bottom of the page that says “Senate” and scroll the map to your location.

See below for the full list of OGO Republican State Central Committee Survey results:

district first last rating
1 Haydee Sadler 100%
1 Tony Schroeder 100%
4 Kent Keller 100%
4 Joseph McAbee 100%
4 Gary Cates 100%
4 Marilyn Tunnat 100%
5 Jessica Franz 100%
8 Mary Anne Christie 100%
8 George Brunemann 100%
11 Abigail Brentlinger 100%
11 Tim Brentlinger 100%
12 Jacob Eilerman 100%
12 Stephanie Kremer 100%
13 Jean Anderson 100%
14 Chris Hicks 100%
14 Christopher Orleck 100%
16 Geoffrey Hatcher 100%
18 Jack Boyle 100%
19 Gary James 100%
19 Melanie Leneghan 100%
20 Jake Warner 100%
20 Sabrina Warner 100%
21 LaVerne Gore 100%
22 Paul Lannon 100%
22 James Blake 100%
24 Dan Langshaw 100%
25 Jim Burgess 100%
25 Stacey Bayliff 100%
27 Marcy Shay 100%
27 Stephanie Stock 100%
28 Patty Gascoyne 100%
30 Nichole Hunter 100%
31 Charles Blake 100%
31 Antonia Blake 100%
33 Richard Barron 100%

To watch a short video on each of these Central Committee races, click the links below

District 1 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/733682882

District 4 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/733683010

District 4 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/734816555

District 5 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/734822005

District 8 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/733683359

District 11 Committee Members: https://vimeo.com/733683617

District 12 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/733683944

District 12 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/733684337

District 19 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/733684610

District 19 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/733685000

District 20 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/733685317

District 24 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/733685794

District 25 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/734143043

District 25 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/734143165

District 27 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/733973449

District 28 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/734143309

District 30 Committeewoman: https://vimeo.com/734143402

District 33 Committeeman: https://vimeo.com/734143541

After you’ve watched your video, please consider making a generous contribution to help us get this information saturated into targeted districts before next Tuesday.

Most importantly, please watch Chris’ video above, share it with your friends, and stay tuned for our primary election guides!

For Ohio,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners