Gun Owners Win BIG in Ohio!

OGO Nation delivered HUGE wins in Tuesday’s elections.

The Republican majorities Columbus were expanded by stacking in several solid, pro-gun legislators, Tim Ryan’s goal of getting to Washington and joining Biden’s war against Ohio was thwarted and Nan Whaley’s political career was tossed into the gutter of Ohio history!

And of course, it’s all because the members of Ohio Gun Owners stepped up to the plate in a big way to help make it happen.

Below we highlight the important races across Ohio where gun owners like you and me stormed the polls and made a massive impact for our gun rights:

Ohio House

>>> House District 5

Pro-gun Republican challenger Ronald Beach, IV is currently leading gun-grabbing Democrat incumbent Richard Brown in this suburban Franklin county district.

Ronald Beach campaigned as a pro-gun candidate, praising Constitutional Carry and was very open about his belief in our right to keep and bear arms.

Brown is a member of the Democrat House leadership team and has consistently voted against our gun rights in the Ohio House. 

If Beach maintains the lead, this will be a BIG pickup for gun owners and will expand the pro-gun supermajority in the House!

>>> House District 17

Republican incumbent Tom Patton held on to his suburban Cuyahoga County seat against his anti-gun challenger, Troy Greenfield.

Patton has consistently voted for pro-gun bills and against anti-gun amendments on the House floor. And because of that, gun owners rewarded him with another term in the House.

Greenfield is a radical Marxist who is endorsed by Bloomberg’s Radical Lyin’ Commie Mommie Brigade. He would have pushed for every nasty gun control bill you can think of if he would have been elected.

This is a win for gun rights!

>>> House District 31 & 32

Both Republican incumbent State Reps. Bill Roemer and Bob Young fended off their anti-gun challengers in Tuesday’s election.

Both Roemer and Young were good votes on Constitutional Carry and Teacher Carry, while their opponents wanted to confiscate and ban our firearms!

These suburban Summit county districts were pure tossups, but gun owners came out in droves to push these candidates past the finish line and rewarded them with electoral victory!

>>> House District 40

Pro-gun Republican incumbent Rodney Creech absolutely TROUNCED his Democrat challenger, Amy Cox.

Creech has voted in favor of Constitutional Carry and Teacher carry, so the voters of HD40 sent the man back to the Statehouse in return!

>>> House District 41

In one of the biggest upsets of the election for the Ohio General Assembly, 100% OGO candidate survey signer and pro-gun candidate Josh Williams pulled off a HUGE upset in this Lucas County seat by beating anti-gun radical Nancy Larson at the ballot box!

This was an open seat and a true tossup district by every estimate.

Thankfully for Williams, he pledged to be a pro-gun fighter in Columbus and the voters rewarded him with election victory!

Congratulations to Josh Williams on this win, and to all the pro-gun faithful in Lucas County for storming the polls for our gun rights!

>>> House District 42

Pro-gun Republican Derek Merrin faced off against radicalized Democrat Erika White and was victorious!

Merrin has been one of the leading voices for gun rights at the Statehouse and has not only consistently supports and votes for the pro-gun bills, but has also worked consistently to preserve the integrity of each pro-gun bill when other RINO’s try to water it down.

The voters of District 42 can be proud to know they sent a man to Columbus who supports their gun rights by ACTING in Columbus.

Congratulations to Merrin for this big win!

>>> House District 45

Republican Incumbent and OGO priority legislation bill sponsor for 2023, Representative Jennifer Gross, has TROUNCED her Democrat opponent Chuck Horn and cruised to total victory!

Few people get into politics for the right reasons, and Jennifer Gross is one of those few.

Guided by the courage of her convictions and belief in the principles that made America great, Representative Gross is a huge asset to gun owners statewide, ESPECIALLY for gun owners who live in Democrat or RINO-controlled districts who refuse to represent gun owners.

Welcome back, Representative Gross – God intended you for this time and this age, and We the People need you and many more like you!

>>> House District 46

Republican incumbent Thomas Hall cruised to victory on Tuesday over his Moms Demand (some) Action endorsed challenger, Lawrence Mulligan.

Hall has supported and voted for all of the gun rights bills and even sponsored House Bill 99, the teacher carry bill that became law earlier this year.

Gun voters in House District 46 can rest easy knowing they demolished the political aspirations of a wannabe gun-grabber and sent another pro-gun candidate back to Columbus!

>>> House District 47

Republican incumbent and OGO survey signer Sara Carruthers easily won reelection over her Marxist Democrat challenger, Sam Lawrence.

Lawrence is an absolute radical who would have fought for every nasty anti-gun and anti-freedom bill you can think of.

Meanwhile, Carruthers has been a good vote on Constitutional Carry, and Teacher Carry, and was even an original co-sponsor of Constitutional Carry in the House.

Well done, pro-gun voters in Butler County!

>>> House District 49

In a shock to all of us here at Ohio Gun Owners, anti-gun Democrat incumbent Thomas West was de-throned in his Canton-area district on Tuesday night!

Republican challenger Jim Thomas absolutely smoked Thomas West, the Democrat Assistant Minority Leader in the election results.

We don’t know much about Jim Thomas or where he stands on our 2A, but what we do know is that Ohio and gun rights will be much better off without known gun-grabber Thomas West in elected office!

Hats off to you, Stark County!

>>> House District 56

Adam Mathews, the pro-gun Republican candidate, easily bested his Democrat challenger, Joy Bennett, in this open Warren County seat!

Mathews completed our Ohio Gun Owners candidate survey 100% in favor of our gun rights, and the voters made it clear that this district will stay in pro-gun hands – after the outgoing Representative, Paul Zeltwanger.

Bennett on the other hand, was a radical gun-grabber who was endorsed by Moms Demand Action. She wanted to ban and confiscate our AR15s (even our Ruger 10/22s!) and subject all Ohioans to Red Flag Gun Confiscations.

Thankfully, the voters of House District 54 thundered the polls on Tuesday and voted pro-gun. Congratulations, Warren County!

>>> House District 57

Lake County voters have decided to send pro-gun Republican Jaime Callender back to Columbus for another two years, and rewarded him with election victory over his anti-gun Democrat challenger, Evan Rosborough.

Callender has voted for Constitutional Carry and Teacher Carry, and was rewarded by the voters in his district!

>>> House District 61

Ohio Gun Owners member and former legislative aide to OGO champion bill sponsor Ron Hood has been elected to the Ohio House!

Beth Lear smoked radical Democrat Louise Valentine, who was backed by Michael Bloomberg and the entire Radical Left in Ohio.

This pickup is a huge win for OGO members statewide. Even better, this is the legislative district that used to be represented by RINO Republican Rick Carfagna, who was routinely an obstacle to passing major gun bills in the Ohio House!

Congratulations to OGO member Beth Lear for battling her way into the Ohio House, and congratulations to the gun voters and OGO members in her district that fought with her!

>>> House District 65

Mike Loychik, OGO’s sponsor for the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the Ohio General Assembly, CRUSHED his opponent, Jennifer Donnelly in the elections.

Loychik is a pro-gun champion and was rewarded at the polls by the voters.

Congratulations to Mike Loychik for another term in the House, and to the gun voters and OGO members in his district!

>>> House District 67

100% OGO candidate survey signer Melanie Miller demolished her radical Democrat opponent, Drew Burge, at the polls on Tuesday.

On top of being the director of a Pregnancy Center, Miller has promised to go to Columbus and fight for our gun rights!

Congrats to the gun voters and OGO supporters in Medina County for electing a pro-gun candidate to the Statehouse!

>>> House District 71

Bill Dean has been a consistent pro-gun Representative, and the voters of his district rewarded him with another term in the Ohio House.

He easily cruised to victory over his Marxist democrat challenger, James Duffee.

Congratulations to Bill, and to the OGO members in his district who voted pro-gun on Tuesday!

>>> House District 72

Republican incumbent Representative Gail Pavliga held on to her Portage county district on Tuesday with a narrow win over radical crazy woman, Kathleen Clyde.

Did you know Clyde was personally endorsed by Barack Obama?? Yikes!

Pavliga has been a good vote on the pro-gun bills in the House. She voted in favor of Constitutional Carry and Teacher Carry this session.

Meanwhile, Clyde who was a former State Rep. and former Democrat candidate for Secretary of State, kept the losing streak going as her political career went down in flames.

So big OGO congratulations to Gail Pavliga and the pro-gun voters in her district who propelled her to victory on Tuesday!

>>> House District 77

Pro-gun republican incumbent Scott Wiggam faced off against a radical gun-grabber, Mark Gooch, in Wayne County and came out with a HUGE win!

You could say, things were not ‘goochy’ for Mark Gooch’s political career, because he and his radical agenda were thoroughly trounced on Tuesday.

By a 70-30 margin, the voters of Wayne county are sending Wiggam back to the statehouse one last time to continue voting for pro-gun bills and against anti-gun legislation.

Congrats to the OGO members and pro-gunners for storming the polls and voting pro-gun!

>>> House District 83

Pro-gun Republican incumbent Jon Cross has been rewarded with the pleasure of another two years of public service at the Statehouse with his election win over RADICAL Democrat, Claire Osborne.

Osborne wanted to pass Bloomberg’s NASTY gun-control agenda,  so she and her fellow comrades could disarm their political opposition so they could force their communism down our throats!

Jon Cross is a big supporter of the 2A and voted for Constitutional Carry and Teacher Carry.

Osborne, on the other hand, wanted to pass Bloomberg’s NASTY gun-control agenda,  so gun voters went to the polls and nipped her blossoming gun-control career in the bud.

Goodbye, Osborne. The love of freedom did not abide in you.

And a big OGO congrats to big Jon Cross and all the OGO members and pro-gunners in his district who delivered another pro-gun candidate victory!

>>> House District 84

In maybe the biggest margin of victory in the entire election, the lovely Angie King absolutely steamrolled her Marxist, anti-gun opponent, Sophia Rodriguez.

King filled out our OGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun and has promised gun owners to be a fighter for our gun rights in Columbus.

Because of that, the gun voters and gun owners of House District 84 have sent her to the Statehouse to do battle for freedom.

Congratulations to Angie King and all the gun voters out there who went to the polls and pulled the lever for our 2A on Tuesday!

>>> House District 94

Athens County Republican and pro-gun candidate Jay Edwards achieved re-election status in his race on Tuesday!

Edwards easily fended off his radical Democrat challenger, Tanya Conrath.

Conrath was supported by Bloomberg’s Lyin’ Commie Mommy Brigade – and voters rewarded her political aspirations with quick trip to OGO’s eternal political graveyard!

Meanwhile, Edwards has been a consistent pro-gun vote in the Ohio House – voting for Constitutional Carry and Teacher Carry.

Congratulations to the voters of House District 94 for storming the polls on Tuesday and pulling the lever for gun rights and freedom!

>>> House District 96

Republican incumbent and pro-gun candidate Ron Ferguson, easily defeated his Democrat challenger Charlie DiPalma at the polls!

Ferguson not only voted for Constitutional Carry and Teacher Carry, but he is the sponsor of a bill in the House to eliminate all state-based restrictions on our Second Amendment freedoms! (How awesome is that??)

So big congratulations are in order to Ron Ferguson for the win, and to the voters and OGO members in House District 96 for voting pro-gun!

>>> House District 99

Ashtabula County pro-gun candidate Sarah Fowler Arthur has easily won re-election to the Ohio House over her Radical Democrat challenger, Kathy Zappitello.

Unfortunately for Kathy, this pro-gun NE Ohio district does not believe in communism, gun control, or the Bloomberg agenda for Ohio. That’s why the voters decided to send the corpse of her (very short) political career, directly to the OGO political graveyard!

Sarah has been a solid pro-gun Representative in Columbus, not only voting for and co-sponsoring all of the pro-gun bills but voting against every single anti-gun bill and amendment that made its way to the House floor.

Congratulations to Sarah Fowler Arthur on this big win, and to the gun voters and 2A supporters in House District 99 who flooded the polls and voted PRO-GUN!

>>> Senate District 3

In another HUGE upset, Republican challenger Michele Reynolds has de-throned incumbent Democrat State Senator Tina Maharath!

Michele Reynolds campaigned as a pro-gun, pro-freedom candidate and was rewarded by the voters in this Suburban Franklin County district.

Maharath has a history of anti-gun votes in the State Senate and was ousted by the voters of her district for her radical views. To be totally honest, we won’t miss Maharath too badly, because she isn’t really worth remembering anyway.

Congratulations to Michele Reynolds for flipping this district pro-gun, and to the OGO members and 2A voters in Franklin county that stormed the polls for gun rights!

>>> Senate District 19

Pro-gun Senator Andy Brenner cruised to victory over his Democrat challenger, Heather Swiger.

Heather ran as a radical leftist, endorsed by Moms Demand Action, and as her reward, the bloated corpse of her political career received an all-expenses paid trip to the Ohio Gun Owners political graveyard!

Brenner on the other hand, was rewarded for his pro-gun history in the General Assembly and was rewarded for another four-year term in the Senate.

Congratulations to Andy Brenner for the election victory, and to all the gun voters in this district who pulled the lever for freedom on Tuesday!

>>> Senate District 27

Republican incumbent Senator Kristina Roegner narrowly won reelection to the State Senate over her anti-gun challenger, Patricia Goetz.

Goetz is a gun-control fanatic who wanted to wage war on Ohio gun owners at the Statehouse.

Thankfully, the voters of this suburban Summit-county seat decided to instead send the bloated corpse of Patricia Goetz’ political career into the loving arms of the undertaker of the Ohio Gun Owners political graveyard.

Roegner has supported pro-gun bills during her Statehouse career and was rewarded with election success on Tuesday as a result!

Congratulations to Senator Kristina Roegner for the win, and to all the pro-gun voters in Senate District 27 who propelled pro-gun candidates up and down the ballot to victory on Tuesday!

U.S. Senate

The road to a full implementation of Joe Biden’s gun-control agenda, everything from a Federal Red Flag law to outlawing AR15’s to a national database of gun owners, ran right through Ohio.

And electing Democrat radical Tim Ryan was a critical part of that plan, but I am proud to announce that thanks in significant part to OGO’s grassroots mobilization efforts, Tim Ryan’s political career is DEAD in the gutters of Ohio history!

JD Vance, who was not the first choice of many, surveyed with Ohio Gun Owners 100% pro-gun and promised to be a fighter for the 2nd Amendment in Washington – and gun owners rewarded him for it!

Ohio Supreme Court

All three Republican candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court, Pat DeWine, Sharon Kennedy, and Pat Fischer, were victorious in their elections on Tuesday!

Thanks to the gun owners and gun voters of Ohio who stormed the polls on Tuesday, the radical left’s agenda to ‘reinterpret’ our gun rights under the Ohio Constitution have been thwarted.

And Republicans will have control, once again, over the redistricting process – bringing sanity back into district drawing and preventing anti-gun candidates from getting an advantage in the General Assembly in future elections.

This is one of the biggest wins for gun owners, congratulations OGO Nation!

Ohio Governor

Democrat Degenerate and Queen of Corruption Nan Whaley has been defeated by Republican Governor Mike DeWine.

Make no mistake about it – OGO would’ve had the time of our lives passing gun bills through the Ohio General Assembly and then ramming Nan Whaley’s vetoes up the nearest donkey’s derriere in veto override sessions, but sometimes we have to settle down and take the win.

Speaking of wins, Governor Mike DeWine gets another four years in the Governor’s Mansion, and OGO is gearing up to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act and plop it on his desk for signature.

Because let’s face it – now that Mike DeWine is a 4-year lame duck, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted is in the hot seat, and he surely doesn’t want any DeWine vetoes to cripple his 2028 gubernatorial plans…

While gun owners like us may not have gotten everything we wanted from these elections, there are plenty of things to be proud of.

And when compared to Pennsylvania, Ohioans can still proudly say that Ohio still stands for FREEDOM!

But now that the elections are over, lame duck session begins next week.

So be on the lookout for action alerts and updates from Ohio Gun Owners very soon!

Thank you, Ohio, for all your hard work leading up to these elections and enjoy these wins, you EARNED IT!

— Team OGO