Action ALERT: Huge opportunity approaching to pass Stand-Your-Ground in Ohio!

After John Kasich and his cronies in the Statehouse opened a war on our Second Amendment Rights following Parkland, gun owners have been fighting back tooth and nail.

And let me tell you, your voices have been THUNDERING at our Statehouse.

But this coming Wednesday, we have a huge opportunity to go on offense and pass real Stand-Your-Ground law when HB228 comes to the House floor for a vote!

You  see, HB228 deals with Ohio’s self-defense laws, but it doesn’t fix the problem with Ohio’s laws because it doesn’t incorporate the full-fledged Stand-Your-Ground principles Ohioans deserve. That’s why we’re working overtime with pro-gun champion State Representative Nino Vitale to draft an amendment that would FIX HB228!

If the name Nino Vitale sounds familiar, it should!

Rep Vitale is the joint sponsor with Representative Candice Keller on HB590 (the REAL Stand-Your-Ground bill) and cosponsor of HB201 (Constitutional Carry by Rep Hood)!

Representative Vitale’s amendment would fix HB228 by doing several things.

➤➤ First, it would provide protection from criminal prosecution, PREVENTING an anti-gun prosecutor from ever taking a gun owner to trial for the “crime” of defending themselves or their family.

As HB228 is currently written, the self-defense “reforms” only apply during the trial!

That means they only apply AFTER you’ve had the luxury of hiring a self-defense lawyer and are spending thousands of dollars just to prove your innocence!

➤➤ Second, it would provide protection from frivolous civil suits being brought against a gun owner for merely protecting themselves.

As written, HB228 does not accomplish this and would still allow some scumbag attacker or their family to bring suit against a gun owner for defending themselves.

➤➤ Vitale’s amendment would also include codifying the idea of the “threatened use of force.”

Currently, HB228 doesn’t allow for someone to draw their firearm in a deadly situation as a means to deescalate the situation.

In fact, some experts say that Ohio law actually encourages a person to shoot at someone threatening them because there is no legal method of deescalation!

That’s why I’m asking you to contact your State Representative NOW and tell them to vote YES on the Vitale Amendment to HB228.

Gun owners have been getting their teeth kicked in by Democrat Governor Kasich, his cronies in our General Assembly and by Bloomberg’s radicals with their push for HB585, the gun-control omnibus bill.

The Vitale Amendment to HB228 is OUR chance to blast the gun-control ball right back into their court and make THEM go on defense!

So please click the image below and contact your Representative now.

As you’ll see, our Action Center tool makes it super easy for you to get in touch with your personal Representative in Columbus, and if you’ve never used this tool before, don’t worry!

All you need to do is fill in your address, choose whether you want to email, Facebook or Tweet your Representative, press “submit,” and you’re done.

Or, if you’d rather make a phone call, we’ve even included a phone script and talking points for your convenience.

Whatever method of communication you choose, the most important thing is that you contact your Representative right away!

Just click the image below – it will only take a moment!

Once you’re done, please consider chipping in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize thousands of gun owners before Wednesday’s showdown!

But please contact your Representative right away, as that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. This coming Wednesday Representative Nino Vitale is running a HUGE pro-gun amendment to HB228, the watered down “self-defense reform” bill that is coming to the floor for a vote.

If passed into law, Vitale’s Amendment to HB228 would make Ohio have the best self-defense law in America!

Please contact your Representative using our Action Center tool by clicking the image below.

It’s fast and secure, and it is the easiest way to tell your Representative to vote YES on the Vitale Amendment to HB228!

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