Allen County Sheriff’s deputies use existing law to stop school shooting!

Governor John Kasich, Representative Mike Henne and Senators John Eklund and Stephanie Kunzie want gun owners to believe their lies.

They want you to believe their lies that we can be more safe if we just give up a little freedom.

They want you to believe their lies that if we pass more laws criminals will magically obey them.

And they disguise those lies with the blatant lie that Ohio needs to pass gun-control laws like HB585 and SB288 because law-enforcement supposedly can’t take action on credible threats against public safety.

But Web, that lie was proven false just last week.

As Bryan Reynolds from Lima News reported, 19 year-old Tristan Ascura of Lima was taken into custody at 1:53am on Thursday morning, June 7th, less than FOUR HOURS after he was reported by four high-school students as being a threat!

Specifically, deputies were able under existing Ohio law to arrest the suspected potential schooter and confiscate the rifle and ammunition he was allegedly planning to use to carry out a school shooting.

From the article:

“Detective Ream said after receiving the call about the threat, he arrived at the sheriff’s office around midnight. He then interviewed each of the four students separately and their stories all matched. Deputies then proceeded to Ascura’s residents where they took him into custody without any incident.

“Our office doesn’t waste any time going after these people and we’re never going to,” said Administrative Lt. Andre McConnahea, public information officer for the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re going to charge them every time.””

Ohio’s law-enforcement community is among the finest in America, and current Ohio law already equips them to deal with potential threats or school shooters.

Governor Kasich and his cadre of gun-control militants already know that, but they repeat their lies (that Ohio law-enforcement isn’t equipped to deal with threats) as often as they can in the hopes their lies will “become truth” to the listener.

The REAL reason they’re pushing HB585 and SB288 is because they know that in addition to the obvious gun-control it immediately accomplishes, it more importantly lays the long-term framework they need for huge expansions of gun-control through judicial decree and legislative amendments in future general assemblies!

In other words, once the’ve successfully laid the framework of HB585 or SB288 in place, they’ll be able to build upon it and expand gun-control in future sessions of our legislature each time there is a new school shooting.

And that can’t happen, Web, because that’s a sure way to make Ohio the next California or New York.

That’s why I’m asking you to do two things right away:

First, please contact the new Speaker of the Ohio House and urge him to kill HB585 in the State and Local Government Committee.

As you’ll see when you click the image below, I’ve already pre-written an email for you. Please feel free to sign it or personalize it as much as you like.

(NOTE: If the link doesn’t work for your email platform, please scroll to the bottom of this email to copy and paste the address and message into your own browser)

And the message to the new Speaker is simple: pro-gun voters across Ohio want him to stop HB585’s advance through the committee process and prevent it from becoming “floor eligible.”

Pro-gun voters don’t elect “pro-gun majorities” to have those majorities pass anti-gun bills that have the support of organizations like Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action.”

They elect them to pass pro-gun bills like HB590, the Vitale/Keller Stand-Your-Ground law.

So please contact Speaker Ryan Smith right away and urge him to STOP HB585!

Second, please chip in just $10 or $20 to help us continue this fight!

The politicians in Columbus are scheduled to go on summer break soon, but all of our Statehouse sources say the anti-gunners are desperate to pass HB585 out of committee so that they can build momentum all summer and fall to try to get a full House floor vote during lame duck session next November!

Your contribution will go directly to funding the pressure programs we’re running right now in the targeted districts of the State and Local Government Committee members.

So please make a contribution if you can.

But please contact Speaker Smith and urge him to kill HB585 in the State and Local Government Committee, as that’s most important!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Governor Kasich and company are going all-out to try to lie, connive and browbeat their gun-control bills through the committee process before summer break!

As we saw last week when Allen County OH law enforcement arrested a potential school shooter and confiscated his firearm and ammunition after four high-school students reported him, our law-enforcement community already has the tools they need to intervene and stop potential killers.

So please contact Speaker Ryan Smith and urge him to kill HB585 and stop its advancement through the House Stand and Local Government Committee!

And when you are finished, please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help us pressure the committee members to vote NO on HB585.

NOTE: If your email software doesn’t work with the links provided above, please copy and paste the address, subject line and message body text below into your own email program and send it that way!

Addresses[email protected], [email protected]

Subject Line: Stop Kasich’s gun-control bill, HB585!

Message Body: Dear Speaker Ryan Smith,

As a law-abiding gun owner, I’m contacting you to urge you to stop HB585 and any further advancement of it through the committee process.

HB585 is the gun-control bill being pushed by Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action,” governor Kasich and several other gun-control militants in our General Assembly.

Existing Ohio law (as was proven on June 7th, 2018 by the Allen County Ohio Sheriff’s Department) already provides the tools necessary for law-enforcement to execute rapid preventative intervention in a threatening situation.

The fact of the matter is that no new laws will serve as a prevention mechanism to a person who is willing to murder other human beings.

In addition to being incapable of preventing violent crime, HB585 would erode America’s fundamental right to due process and the doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty” based on the ERPO’s alone, not to mention the “ex parte” hearings!

The legislature instead should be focused on passing life-saving measures like HB590 and HB201, legislation that has passed in many other states around us.

Please don’t let allowing or passing gun-control become one of the first things you do as Speaker of the Ohio House.

Now is an excellent opportunity for you to show our General Assembly and Ohio’s gun-owner community that you take public safety seriously and that you will lead on the issue of the Second Amendment!

Please stop HB585’s advancement through the committee process, stop it from becoming floor eligible (below the black line), and instead urge our General Assembly to take up and consider pro-gun, life-saving legislation like HB590 and HB201!


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