Action ALERT: Massive Ohio Gun Ban to Take Effect March 24th – Act NOW!

This is an Ohio Gun Owners Emergency Alert. Please read this memo in its entirety and take action below.

Effective March 24th (in just a few weeks), gun owners in Ohio will likely see many firearms become illegal, thanks to the gross negligence of the bill sponsors and bill managers of last year’s House Bill 228.

Specifically, the bill’s sponsor, Representative Sarah LaTourette (R-Chesterland), and bill managers Jim Irvine and Dean Rieck from Buckeye Firearms Association neglected to read their own bill amendments and allowed language to be inserted into the wrong section.

Unbelievably, the bungled handling not only specifically outlaws firearms like the Mossberg Shockwave, but it also classifies firearms that hundreds of thousands of Ohioans own as “dangerous ordnance,” like the AR15 and many others.

You can read the law for yourself by clicking HERE, starting on page 14, line (K).

What this means for gun owners is that, if our General Assembly doesn’t fix this language by its enactment date of March 24, gun owners are at the vulnerability of political law enforcement and prosecutors and could even face felony charges for possessing dangerous ordnance!

While the problem was caused by only a few people, it’s become an enormous problem for every gun owner in our state.

Admittedly, everyone makes mistakes, and Ohio Gun Owners is no exception. But it is how you respond and make right those mistakes that defines you.

Unfortunately, until OGO sounded the alarm yesterday, the creators of this enormous problem for gun owners did everything they could to keep it hush-hush.

That’s why Ohio Gun Owners is kicking it into high gear – because we REFUSE to leave our members exposed without putting up a fight!

So here’s the plan.

Because this huge debacle got voted into law, it needs to be voted out of law.

The best way to fix this legislative nightmare for gun owners is for our General Assembly to pass emergency legislation with an emergency clause that goes into effect immediately after the signature of our Governor.

The problem, however, is that many legislators across our state don’t want to come clean about the fact they passed a gun-control bill that would make gun-grabbers in California or New York jealous.

And because they are so embarrassed – just like Jim Irvine and Dean Rieck from Buckeye Firearms are – they don’t want to do anything immediately to fix it, because of the national embarrassment it will likely become.

That’s why we’re asking gun owners across our state to take immediate action and contact your state senators and state representatives right away!

The message to them has to be clear: pass a standalone fix with an emergency clause, and do it immediately.

The good news is, we’ve made it super easy to contact them – just click “Send My Message” below!

But Site, there are two other action items I’m asking you to complete as well.

➜➜ First, please forward this email to everyone you know in our state right away and ask them to take action.

The “Send My Message” link in the email you are reading is universal, meaning that you can send it to ANYONE in Ohio and ask them to take action.

The fact is, if this law DOESN’T get fixed immedately, it will become harder and harder and harder to repeal – and we might just end up like New York or Illinois.

And we’re not willing to let that happen, so please send this email to your friends and ask them to click the “Send My Message” button as well.

➜➜ Second, please make a contribution to Ohio Gun Owners as well.

We need to explode this issue statewide and make sure that no stone remains unturned in our mission to fix this massive problem for gun owners.

To get emergency legislation to pass requires a super-majority of the vote – meaning we’re going to have to target several Democrats in rural areas.

Any time we do targeted messaging, it costs a considerable amount of resource, and that’s why your contribution is so necessary.

Your donation – for whatever amount you can afford, will be put to immediate use.

Whatever you do, please send a message to your state representative and state senator right away using the “Send My Message” tool below, as that’s most important.

We wish we could be gearing up the machines for war to pass Stand-Your-Ground or Constitutional Carry, but this problem cannot be ignored.

Take action, and thank you for standing with us to FIGHT for our Second Amendment Rights!

For Freedom,

Christopher Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. During Lame Duck session last December, the Ohio General Assembly passed HB228 with a provision in it that, when enacted on March 24, effectively BANS the AR15 rifle and many other types of firearms.

And unless gun owners band together and send a great big message to FIX HB228, I’m afraid gun owners will be exposed to the whims of anti-gun prosecutors or rogue anti-gun chiefs of police because the legislature won’t want to suffer the embarrassment of making this right.

Please read the email above and take immediate action by contacting your state representatives and senators and telling them to pass emergency legislation to fix HB228!

Just click “Send My Message” below to send your pre-written email immediately!

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