Action ALERT: Yesterday’s Success and Today’s Vote on HB86!

Yesterday saw a lot of success towards our goal of fixing last General Assembly’s HB228’s debacle, and it’s all thanks to the calls and emails and social media posts you’ve all been sending!

As you all probably remember, there are two bills working their way through the legislature that are intended to stop common firearms from becoming “dangerous ordnance” on HB228’s enactment date of March 28th.

The first bill is Senate Bill 53 (SB53) which is authored by Senator Kristina Roegner, and the second bill is House Bill 86 (HB86) which is authored by Representative Phil Plummer.

During yesterday morning’s Senate Government Oversight Committee hearing on Roegner’s SB53, the committee successfully shot down two anti-gun amendments then proceeded to vote SB53 out of the committee and sent it to the Senate Rules Committee.

Just twenty minutes later, the Senate Rules Committee, chaired by Senate President Larry Obhof, passed SB53 out of the Rules Committee and scheduled it for a full vote during yesterday’s floor session.

Around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, SB53 got voted out of the Senate by a vote of 24-8, and it included the beautiful “emergency clause” language in it that, if passed by the House and signed by the governor, would IMMEDIATELY render the damage done by HB228 moot.

The speed with which SB53 blew through the Senate makes it clear that they’re being bombarded with demands from mobilized OGO voters in their districts!

On the House side, HB86 is scheduled for a vote this afternoon at 1:30pm.

HB86 includes the emergency clause language as well, but it also has two more paragraphs included in the bill that could weaken the bill to a certain degree.

As it currently stands, SB53 as passed by the Senate is the superior bill.

But it is important that you keep pressuring your state representatives to vote YES on HB86 this afternoon because the vote count from HB86 will shed significant light on the path forward for SB53!

So don’t let up for a moment… contact your Representative again today and tell them to vote YES on HB86!

We’ll be at the Statehouse covering today’s vote, and for up-to-the-minute coverage please follow us on our Facebook page.

Also, if you’re able, please consider a contribution to help Ohio Gun Owners get positioned to see this fix through and gear up for a huge push to pass Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground in the 2019 legislative session!

For the Second,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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